Prophecies From Our Generation

April 2010                               Important Prophecy !!!


             Bill Campbell

                          Major Change in How We Comprehend Things
(we are in this Change Now ...)


What I am going to tell you will be very important to your healthy development.

To Not understand will bring much confusion ... and we will hear the despair of the human that does not understand.

We will learn that we are cells of a Body, and not a separate entity in the final interest.

The Old way of the past Age for movement, cultural development, or revival, was that it flowed in patterns and trends ... moving horizontaly across a nation, or a continent, like rivers, and bodies, of water.

People recognized the flow, and were able to watch it, imitate it, or ignore it.   This happened in religion, philosophy, and cultural development.

In April of 2010 I had a vision.



I saw, as it were, the earthly globe spinning in the darkness as an electronically charged ball with many random lights turning on and off.  Non-predictable by man ... but as though controlled by the sequence and causation of a Higher Intelligence.

I saw visual monitors with information scrolls moving vertically upward on the screens.   The information was scrolling too fast to read and comprehend.   Many were prone to turn their head aside to ignore this dizzying whirl of events ... thus passing their days in a form of ignorance and death ... not being able to comprehend the signs and information of their generation.

The way of comprehending has changed.

A New Age is born.

Now, man must fixate upon a single event ... a single light.

As he does the whirling confusion stops ... and vision clears.  He becomes in sync with the pod of light ... and will learn many manifestations of Spiritual truth and life.

     So herein lays the lesson.

Learn to be specifically led of the Spirit ... to a specific pod of light, an event, or a people.   Fixate and receive the truths that come through from the Author of that light ... the Spirit of the Great Creator.   Fixate and learn.

Move to the next ... as the Spirit leads.  The fixating stops the momentum, and brings unity of speed, motion, and time.

Spiritual teachings ...

                        "I and the Father are one"

"The light of the body is the eye:  if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.

But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness.  If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!"

     The Ages

Pisces (the age now passing),   is a water sign.    (the symbol is the  fish)

In the last 2000 years  (the Piscean Age),   it has certainly been one of water,  and  the many uses of that element.    Ocean navigation has brought about the discovery of foreign lands,  and  worldwide trade developed.   Wars have been fought on the oceans, and water has been the main element, and style, of development.

Things changed !     Through much struggle, even religious views changed.   The new prophets weren't like the old.  (they didn't fit in)  

Prior to the beginning of the Age of Pisces ... people offered animal sacrifice to God.     (age of Aries, the Ram,  Abraham & Moses time)            Since that time,   people worship  God  in Spirit,  and  in Truth.    (St. John 4:19-24 - all religions)  

It worked out ... so that the Jews  could move on from their  animal sacrifices,  the Romans destroyed their temple in 70 A.D.       They haven't sacrificed since, for over 2,000 years.          God controls the Ages.

       Now ...

What we have watched throughout the Age of Pisces, will now "change" as we move on into the Age of Aquarius.   (the symbol is the "water bearer", man with the pitcher, or Vial.  see:  Revelation chs. 16,17 and 21)

Aquarius is an air sign, and  the New age is already noted for remarkable inventions for the use of air, electricity, magnetism, etc.    Men navigate the air as fish do the sea, and send their thoughts spinning around the world with lightning speed.  (this is only  a "recent" phenomenon,  not in the previous 1900 years)

God Is Doing a New Thing ... and because He is, the natural results of this change will effect everything that you may have known ... even the laws of how we Comprehend things.

Many are confused and frustrated ... because they lack the truths of the prophets from this generation.




            Prophecy     January 1, 2008

Prophecy is the uttering, writing,  or demonstration, of Spirit Word.  Sometimes we understand it;  sometimes we only understand it in part.   (
it's a careful faith)

It comes to us through  "realization",  intuition,  vision,  insights, dreams, etc.   As our spirit is quiet, and undistracted, and looking to Him for realization, it comes easier.

It's helpful to "write it down".  This causes you to communicate it in natural terms,   adjust it as understanding grows (be careful of your own ideas, or fears),  ... and build upon it, think about it, and  grow.

It's always good to be in fellowship with other people of Spiritual understanding,    and it will lead to a greater confidence in our execise, as we see "same messages" ... in different ways. 
(See: 1 Corinthians 14:1, 29-32,  and 1 Peter 4:8-11)

Our minds are very fluid, (like a vapor) ,  and these messages must be solidified, and  caused to be brought forth ... in  "this realm".

Because the Divine Intelligence is so much superior,  it is possible that many ripples of wisdom will continue to be born of the Word.

As we relate to the Divine Intelligence,  we can all experience prophecy.

Ego,  is when we are more concious of ourself, good, or bad.    Prophecy comes to us in the situations where we are more conscious of Spirit Word.

The truth that holds this Universe together,  and  causes  life to spring forth,  is prophecy.

You too, can have  this  relationship.   History is born in every generation.   It comes from prophecy.

You are the light of this world.  Don't let distraction, greed, or offense, overtake you.   Keep it simple ... and grow.

When receiving a message from another "prophet",  or from the Spirit of God,

                       1. Don't talk. 
(receive - don't talk, write it down)
                       2. Don't add your reasoning to it.
                       3. Stay open for more, until you have an understanding
                       4. Be prepared to "act" upon the word when you have
                           an understanding  (that's called faith - Hebrews ch.11)

*Be careful that you act in His intention, and style.   Some folks have let the "idea" of the Spirit be taken by their own self-indulgence, loneliness, ambition, or anxiety, and it turns out to be quite different than was intended.  (maybe even harmful)

With your getting a Word, get understanding:  until you are moving with the vision of God.

When delivering a message to others,

                       5. Even if you only have a partial "Word",   don't
                           add your reasoning to it. 

                         - because when "more comes"   ...  your
                           reasonings will confuse it.   (Are you supposed to
                           deliver the message,  and  when ?)

                         - you may be only the bearer of "part" of the message
                           (just be obedient)       the other part may come through a
                           circumstance, dream, another person, etc.  ... or the
                           individual themselves,  or  later.     
                           Maybe all you are doing is "priming the pump",    or  
                          "confirming something"  that came from another.

Acts 2:14-18, 38-40
                                                  1 Corinthians 14:29-33
                                                  Galatians 3:2-9  

Be a good minister of the LORD.      Sow  the ... real Word.

             (St. Luke 8:5-18,  Isaiah 61:1-3,  1 Peter 4:10,11)


Miracles - a new faith.  It's like being born again. It's the doing of the works,  in obedience to the Spirit.  
(it's a radical faith)

Sustenance.   Rulership.   Priestly ministry.

It's like putting a magic spell on someone,  or curing the hell out of them.

                                            - life to a limb
                                            - the churlish nature gone
                                            - obedience comes to a dog
                                            - glorious overpouring of a shadow
                                            - take sick things, and make them
                                              come to life  (a rabbit, a child)
                                            - ability to impart life
                                            - feeding 5000 people
                                            - change water into wine
                                            - the act of materialization 

I had a dream.     I could see 3D objects coming out of the front of a T.V. set,    ... like a hologram.

I could also open the front of the T.V.,  and there would be objects, left behind that had been in the show.

Miraculous materialization.   Materialization.   Bringing an image into  being.

Not just merely  printing a picture,  like from a computer.  But, bringing something into this realm of reality.


Each of us are on a journey.    If we could see this in each other, and seek to be of assistance,  ... love would flow.  
(St. Matthew chs.7 and 25)

If we could get rid of anxiety,  and learn not to offend,  we  would be half way there.  The other half is about relationship with the Spirit of God.

We learn to realize  His  intentions,  and  His character.   He will develop us into His plan.   We will learn to rule with Him,  as His sons.  
(Romans ch.8,  Revelation chs. 2,3)

There will be small battles,  some harsh,  some seductive, and some deceitful.  The Spirit of God will coach, and sustain you,  through each one.   Your faith, and your skill, will develop.  You will mature through struggle.

How am I a Christian ?    Because I believe the message of Christ. 
(St. John 5:24)     I believe in, and relate to, the same Spirit that he related to.

Others of other cultures may know  "this experience"  under a different name.   We are all on a journey.   Each one of us.

Some carry hurt, resentment, and guilt.   Others have been deceived by evil.  Some are distracted, and walk in darkness.

We can be a light in a dark place.   A friend.  A healer.   A support.

There is one who doesn't like the light;   but, if we walk in the light, he is overcome.

Walk on
 in faith, brother, or sister.    You  are  a  child of God.

                Be Careful !

Asking God ... all the time,   ...   and doing nothing.   
(be careful)

The Lord's prayer teaches  ...

"Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be Your Name.
                  Your   (1) Kingdom come,    Your   (2) will be done in earth,
                   as it is in heaven."

We need to become more aware of  "doing"  His will  ourselves,  rather than only praying for one another. 

Minister of His Spirit  to one another.       Bring the Kingdom forth,  ... into existence,  in this earth,   as  it is in heaven.

We have been given  "this time",   in our generation,     ...  to do His will.

Why waste healthy life   ...  without  meaninful application ?

What is  "meaningful application"  ... in the light of eternity ?  

Are you sure you know ???

                "True wisdom  is manifest  in the  moment,   ...  not  in a book."

                          (James chs. 1 and 2)

You won't always have all the answers

When you are being  obedient  to the Spirit,  you  won't even know always    ...  when you are being used of the LORD.    

There may be more  going on,   than  what we see.  
(there usually is)

Slow down.    Relax.     Do  what  He says  ...  to do.  

                  "Stay with me, says the LORD,  I've always been there for you.         

                    Why didn't you pick Me up before ? 

I'm soft-spoken.    Is that the problem ?   If I yelled at you, 
                    would that be better ?    

I will sustain you;   just listen  to  Me."

We are born again by the Spirit Word of God. 
(1Peter 1:21-25)        One must come out of their distraction, and be  born again by the Spirit of God.  (St. John 3:1-8, 19-21)

We are learning to  "look to God"  for information.   We are learning to speak the Word of the King;
For  we are being  "prepared" to rule with God, as  His  children.   (the "light of the world")



Bill Campbell

                           ... in a Culture


prophetic vision


         The "Want"
"Wantonness,  pleasure,  ...  on the beach.  (of the coastal city)

I saw the outstretched figure of a man on a cross,  laying on the beach (horizontally), with gapping wounds.  The gapping wounds are being spread open as the figure is stretched out.

And then, I see inside (some of) the wounds,  the forming of tiny, gentle,  white "fillings" of healing.

The man stands up,  and throws a spear out onto the water.  On the shaft of the spear,  I see the word  "truth".

Fire,  is ignited upon the water:  (an unlikely place, but)  it feeds upon the truth.

The blaze is strong, and high.  It is a testimony to the greatness of God.  A sign to the nations.

When will it begin ?      Now.

It is our calling to be  ... one of those "pockets of healing".   This will spring up in "multiple places", in this coastal city.   "Pockets of healing".

The Spirit of God ministers healing.   "He" will raise the man up, and  cause the spear of justice to be whisked into the waters of the sea.

Water doesn't burn.  But, His Word will burn brightly ... in a place that does not burn.  It will be a sign of God's Majesty.

"The city that has the fire".

And then, my mind went back to a previous vision,  where I was in a church basement, and saw a "huge" ugly  black spider  on the wall.

Wanting to protect the things of the church,  I grabbed a stick, and began to "beat up" the spider,  because it didn't look like it belonged.  For this I was corrected of the Spirit;  because this was not of His anointing, or purpose.   It was a revelation of the hardness of our spirit  ... within the church.

And then, the Spirit spoke to me about the church,  as He had to Ezekiel  (ch.2:4,8),  in his day.

"This people is an impudent people, and stiff-hearted.  I do send you unto them;  and  you shall say unto them,  Thus saith the LORD God.

But, you son of man, hear what I say unto you;  ...  be not rebellious, like the rebellious house:  open your mouth, and eat what I give you."

"Pockets of healing".  I felt as though  I was involved  in only two, or three;  but,  that it should be three, or four.  Examples of righteousness;  rather than wantoness.

Each of us have the opportunity to function  ... in a "pocket of healing",  ... at home, at work,  or at school;  when we're  not  at our church meeting.

The Spiders are ugly, and they fight back when you strike them.  They're  not  the beautiful people;    but, God is calling us to healing, and transformation, of these situations.

The Christians need to know,  that  the doctrines  that they are fighting for,  are not unique;   and the beliefs that surround the story of Jesus have existed  more than once  ... in a variety of cultures.   They need to "hear" what the Spirit is saying to the churches.

The Muslims need to become  more aware of the Spirit of the Supreme God ... in the midst of their community involvements, and religious activities.

We don't have to "leave"... to find truth.  There is a love that would find its way  into  our fellowship.  Fire upon the water.

Truth, is the fuel.  Love, and affection, are the flames.   We don't have to leave  to find the truth of light.  (St. John 17:15,25,26)

Just shine the "light" on the place that God directs you to.  Sow the seed;  and habitual practice will come from that.

You will be laughing;  and it will have been fine.  Take your eyes off of sectarianism;  and let the Spirit of love manifest in integrity.

Let truth upon the waters of your own soul.  The light of love comes to you where you are.  You will be washed of the things that cause shadows;  and you will be free.  Purify your soul  ... through obedience to the Spirit.    (1 Peter 1:22)

I saw us skimming across the water in our boats;  holding our little symbols,  and  using them to help us  keep going.   (Prayer books, hymns, etc.)

There were pockets of "light" on the water.  We found the history of the church to be interesting.    The  second time we came back,  there was hardly anyone there.

Something different is being breathed.  (Maybe already happening)   Relax,  and grow.

The truth of  Christ,  is to reconcile one  to the Supreme.   If the preacher is not doing that,   ... he is not of the true Christ.

"Except a man be born of the water,  and of the Spirit,  he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God.  That which is born of the flesh, is flesh;  and  that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.

The wind blows where it will.  It is free.  So is everyone that is born of the Spirit.

This is the condemnation (of man), ... "Light" has come into the world, and men ... loved darkness rather than light, because there deeds were evil.  For every one that does evil, hates the light, neither comes to the light, ... lest his deeds should be reproved.

But, he that does truth, comes to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest that they are wrought in God"

For some, they see the forgiveness issue differently;  but, the one common salvation ... is the Spirit of God, for "all".   (all religion)



early Christian symbol



ChiRho - the early Christian symbol of the first four centuries.   This is the symbol that Constantine put on his soldier's armor ... to go forth to conquer.   It is  X P  the first two letters of Christ (Greek)   ...  with an alpha and omega symbol on either side.  (emphasizing "Spirit Word Expressed" as being our Salvation)

The cross symbol didn't become popular as a Christian symbol until after the formation of the Roman Catholic Church, after the 4th century.   It probably originated out of Alexandria, Egypt, along with the Nicean creed, as it is another variation of the Ankh which the Egyptians used for a few thousand years (key of life),  and the Coptic Christians of Egypt still use.  (it is a cross with a circle above it)

Marble sacred crosses are also found in the Temples of Knossos, Crete, and the Heraclion Archaeological Museum in Greece dating to 1600 B.C. (before Christ)

Christ - is an office that describes one who is a savior of the people, because of the  selected presence of the Spirit  upon that person.

Could it be that the Christ gospel was traded for a "sacrifice gospel", showing a savior on a cross ?  (thus rendering the people of the church Christ-less)

This is the difference between a "substitution gospel", and an "identification gospel".  

When the disciples followed Jesus,  that was ... "identification gospel"
(St. John 5:24, ch.17:8, Acts 1:8, ch.2:38,39, Romans ch.6, ch.12)

See if you can figure out what the apostle Paul was writing about in Romans ch.8.

What does it mean to be "anti-Christ"  ?

early Christian oil lamp


Egypt and the Ankh

Egyptian Ankh
Ancient Egypt


The Egyptian Ankh is the eternal life symbol of Ancient Egypt,  and in its variations are quite similar to the same variations used in the Roman Catholic Church, Greek Orthodox Church, and other Christian churches.

Explain this one  ? 

When one studies the early years of the political Roman Catholic Church (from which these other ones split off of),  you will find that many of the traditions, and practices, came out of Alexandria, Egypt. 
(a center of learning under the Roman empire)

Many of the things that we have accepted as being unique to what we are calling Chrisitanity are now being seen in other historical cultures that date back many years prior to the birth of Christianity.

Many questions will arise in the immediate future.   Those that are happy with their traditions, and their friends, and are not concerned about the light, will go on as usual.     But, those honest folks that are seeking to know the Spirit of God will have many upsetting questions to deal with if they are to get involved with what He is doing at this time.

Our great Creator is calling people out of all religions, and cultures,  just the same as he has always done in remarkable times of  history.    And when He does,  ... there has always been an emphasis upon what  former prophets  have said,   ... and not upon the traditions that people have become comfortable with.

The books that you will find on this website have sought to address the voice of God as it has been spoken by God's servants.    And you will be introduced to what He is saying in
our generation.

There is no tradition that can take the place of  ... the voice of your Creator.


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Part of the Ocean

I heard a nice little story the other day  ...

About a little wave, bobbing along in the ocean, having a grand ole time.   He's enjoying the wind and the fresh air  --until he notices the other waves in front of him,  crashing against the shore.

"My God, this is terrible !   Look what's going to happen to me ! "

Then along comes another wave.   It sees the first wave looking grim,  ... and it says to him,  "Why do you look so sad ?"

The first wave says,  
"You don't understand,  we're all going to crash !   All of us waves are going to be nothing !    (dead)       Isn't it terrible ?"

The second wave says,    
"No, you don't understand.   ...

You're not a wave,   ... you're part of the Ocean."

"Part of the ocean       ...   part of the ocean"


If we could get over our independent dualistic nature,   and return to oneness with the Father,   ... listening, and moving in the intelligence, and vision,  of that voice that moves in the breath of the day,   all fear of dying would be gone,   ... and the unknown would be no more.

Jesus said, "I and the Father are one"