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Throne of God 
"The Mind Behind the Miracle"


5 x 7 paperback   - 298 pgs.

by Bill Campbell


- Before the Bible

- The Elohiym gods

- Yehovah (IAM)

- Satan's Background

- Abraham

- Melchisedek

- the 3 Selves of every person

- the Power of Your Spoken Word

- Momentum




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THRONE of GOD "The Mind Behind the Miracle" by Bill Campbell    
- 298 pgs.   - 5 x 7  Paperback Book

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Chapter Overviews
In Part


Section One
1. The Island of Love    2. Before the Bible   3. Abraham   
4. The Creation   5. 
Deity   6. The Expressor  
7. Adversity   8. The Human   9. The Source   10. Living Life

Section Two

11. The Mind   12. Perceiving   13. Our Part   14. Faith  
15. Perfect Universe   16. Knowing   17. Twelve Beatitudes   18. Prosper


Section One

Chapter one

The Island of Love

This Chapter opens the Book with the inspired prophecy about the "individual" being introduced to the new realizations in the reality of Life that we all find ourself in.

We read .....

The wisest thing has happened to me.  I figured it out.

“I am not alone”

I just need to learn that love is in the air; and relationship is what it’s all about.

Love,  yesterday ?     I didn’t have much.

Love, today ?        A big question mark.

Love, tomorrow ?   We’ll just have to wait and see.

But at least now I know, I am the Island of Love.



Just imagine if you could think twice as fast, twice as long, and twice as hard.   What would you think about ?

This Book will give you the answer to all that you will ever need to know.

Read on dear one. Your success is incomplete;  but you do need to know that it is waiting for you tomorrow.

The principles that I have laid out for you are gargantuas.   For I am the teacher that stands behind the door.

Pgs 1 - 10

Chapter two
Before the Bible

Chapter Two takes us back to some very ancient scriptures prior to the Bible.

 Ancient Hindu Scriptures

Of the ancient Hindu scriptures, the Rig Veda is most fundamental to East Indian thought; the others deal more with matters such as sacrificial formulas, melodies, healing, etc.  (the Rig Veda is the oldest of the Hindu scriptures)

Composed over a long period of time (3500-4800 B.C.?), and coming into the present form between 1500 and 500 B.C., the Vedic hymns were eventually attributed to the divine breath, or to a vision of the prophets.

Abraham (to which the Jews, Muslims, and Christians, look as their father of the faith) would most likely be well aware of these stories, gods, and hymns,   rather than the stories that we know;  for the Bible that we have had not yet been written.

Abraham, and Sarah, were from the Hindu faith;  and Abraham's name is derived from the Hindu God, Brahma.  

As we look at the first of the two ancient hymns about Creation we will see somewhat of a similarity to the Genesis ch.1 account found in the Bible.           


Pgs 11 - 19

Chapter three

You will definately learn new things in this Chapter.  And you will see that many Religions of the world claim Abraham as their Father of the Faith.

Abraham is said to be one of the oldest Semitic prophets.   His name is supposed to be derived from the two Semitic words 'Ab' meaning 'Father' and 'Raam/Raham' meaning 'of the exalted.'

  In the book of Genesis, Abraham simply means 'Multitude.' The word Abraham is derived from the Sanskrit word Brahma. The root of Brahma is 'Brah' which means - 'to grow, or multiply in number.'

In addition Lord Brahma, the Creator God of Hinduism, is said to be the Father of all Men and Exalted of all the Gods, for it is from Him that all beings were generated. Thus again we come to the meaning 'Exalted Father'.

It has been said by some that this is a clear pointer that Abraham is none other than the heavenly father Brahma."  (Vedic Past of Pre-Islamic Arabia; Part VI; p.2.)

This may have something to do with why Jesus would comment that Lazarus was carried by the angels to Abraham's bosom. (St. Luke 16:19-31)

    Melchizadek... the sage of Salem

"The LORD hath sworn, and will not repent,  Thou art a priest forever after the order of Melchizadek."  - Psalms 110:4

  If what I have said thus far isn't shocking enough, maybe the word "Melchizedek" will be.   (Genesis 14:18, Psalms 110, Hebrews chs.5,6,7)

Melchizedek was a king of Jerusalem who possessed secret mystical and magical powers.       He was also Abraham's teacher.

Melchizedek met Abraham at the Valley of Shava.    (named after the Indian God Sheva, Shiva)

Melik-Sadaksina was a great Indian prince, magician, and spiritual giant - the son of a Kassite king.

In Kashmiri and Sanskrit, Sadak means "a person with magical, supernatural powers."

A certain Zadok (Sadak?) was also a supernaturally-endowed priest who anointed Solomon.    (1 Kings 1:39)

We would ask ourselves, Why does the Kassite (of royal caste) Melik-Sadaksina, a mythical Indian personage, suddenly appear in Jerusalem as the friend and mentor of Abraham?

The salutation is also of interest as Melchizedek and Abraham salute the most high God (El),    ... signifying their belief in other gods.    (Genesis 14:17-22)

This is also seen with Noah, and others, who walked with the gods in Genesis.  (Elohiym)

Pgs 20 - 34

Chapter four
The Creation

Chapter Four explains the account of the 2 Creations, and the significance of why they are placed side-by-side in the Bible. 

If you want to learn about the importance of the I AM expression, this Chapter will open the way for you ...

           Elohiym (Heb. the gods)

"In the beginning God (elohiym, plural) created the heaven and the earth.

And the earth was without form, and void: and darkness was upon the face of the deep.

And the Spirit of God (the gods) moved upon the face of the waters.

And the gods said, Let there be light;  and there was light.

And the gods saw the light, that it was good: and they divided the light from the darkness.

And the gods called the light Day, and the darkness they called Night.

And the evening and the morning were the first day.

This term, God, has been translated from the Hebrew word  Elohiym, which is the plural form for the expression of the government of God.

The original text would have read, "In the beginning the gods created the heaven and the earth"

There are many in the realm of God;  all united under one intelligence, or Spirit.

We find throughout the various scriptures reference to angels, spirits, sons of God, cherubim, seraphim, and now prophets, and other ministries.

He and Him, have entered the text by way of the translators to the English language.

Therefore we are looking to the Supreme word of God, which is not a He, or Him, but comes from the Spirit of God.

       LORD God   (the Manifestation)
Now, in chapter two, Yehovah Elohiym (LORD God) plants His garden with the seed of the established creative word.

The Elohiym (the gods) saw it; and it was good.

Now, Yehovah Elohiym was about to bring it forth.

The visionary Word of the Kingdom of God is brought forth to intermingle with the elements of this earthly realm.  (fire, water, wind, earth)

This is the beginning of understanding the Spiritual ministry that moves about in this earth.

There is an established Word and Vision from before the foundation of the world.   (Ephesians, Hebrews ch.4)

Our unity of purpose is with the vastness of the Supreme intent;  the Great Spirit of Wisdom.   (Proverbs ch.8)

The statement becomes real   ...

"I and the Father are one", 
"Word became flesh and dwelt among us"

This is not Elohiym anymore.  This is Yehovah Elohiym bringing forth ... the intended creative manifestation of the Kingdom of the Supreme Divinity.

This is the "I AM" expression of  ...

"I Am the way, the truth, and the life"

(Jehovah is derived from the Heb. yehova, which means I AM.    Jehovah is translated to English as LORD)

  When Jesus came preaching, he was the expression of Higher Word.  He came preaching    ...  the Kingdom of God.

Pgs 35 - 48

Chapter five

This Chapter sets the groundwork for the next two chapters, as it shows the rise of the notion of an "all good" God, and the introduction of Satan.  The next two chapters deal with each separately.

In some societies, such as the Greek and Roman, people often thought of their gods as having human traits and personalities; therefore, gods frequently sent misfortune to show their displeasure with human activities.

These gods were the ultimate powers that created the universe.    They possessed the power to render evil when they were displeased;  and good when things pleased them.

In matters which were too trivial to concern these gods, people considered the harm or malice which befell them as coming from numerous evil spirits.

  The Hebrew God

The Hebrews became believers in an omniscient and omnipresent God; the Most High God that Abraham, and Melchizedek, had come to believe in.

But even then, we will soon discover that in the beginning they recognized a God to whom evil was ascribed.

       Yehovah  (one who manifests Himself)

Jehovah (I AM),  ... at first was regarded as one among many gods. (the elohiym)  

His followers, and the Jewish prophets, regarded the gods of their neighbors as hostile gods,   and enemies of Jehovah (I AM)   ... and His people.

Later, early Christians regarded pagan gods in a similar manner: not as fictitious, but as real evil demons.

The initial concept of Jehovah as a LORD among many gods was eventually replaced; and He was soon thought of as the only LORD; the sole creator of the universe and everything in it, as was described in Genesis.   (also: Isaiah chs.42-45)

So, now if He is the only LORD;   and now as we see evil around us, we ask the question, Who is creating this unfortunate evil ?

We see a contradiction in these revelations of Him being an all-good God  ... because there is evil in the world.

He is also the One who brought horrible plagues upon Egypt, and killed many of their children.  (Exodus chs.3-13)

Several of the Hebrew prophecies state ...

"I AM the LORD, and there is none else.  There is no God (elohiym) beside me.  I girded you, and you have not known  Me:

That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none beside Me.  I Am the LORD, and there is none else.

I form the light, and create darkness; I make peace, and create evil;   I the LORD do all these things."     - Isaiah 45:5-7

Among early beliefs there were the spirits that waited on Jehovah and made up his court; and there were also angels of later Hebrew and Christian beliefs.

In many places in this book you will see reference made to the Word of the Supreme Intelligence.   (Proverbs ch. 8, and St. John ch.1)

You will also see a multitude of individual beings and gods, that are spirit, angelic, and human: ... but One Supreme Word that unites all, and inspires all  the Kingdom of God, including Yehovah.  (the I AM)

So, we must revisit the Evangelist, and ask him where he got his teaching from, that God is an all-good God; and that only bad things happen because of Satan, this other God who has so much power.

   The Rise of  Satan 

The name Satan originates from the Hebrew word  sawtawn  meaning "adversary."

In the early books of the Old Testament, before the Jews were forced into exile in Babylon during the 6th century BC, the word sawtawn was just an adversary, or opponent.

As an example, "the angel of the LORD stood in the way for an (sawtawn) against Balaam."

A sawtawn as well did not have to be considered supernatural.

For example, it would do us well when trying to make a decision to learn and practice detachment from these sawtawns  ...

1. from reasoning
2. from emotion
3. from guilt
4. from experience
5. from ambition
6. other human carnality

...   and learn to hear the Supreme Spirit.

Pgs 49 - 60

Chapter six
The Expressor

Chapter Six describes the "I AM" manifestation of the Supreme Spirit ... and how important it is for US to "realize" this in each of our lives.

     The Perfect God

When we think something is perfect,  ... we normally judge perfect  ... in linear thinking.

But Spiritual intelligence doesn't think like we do.

Creation manifests in perfect Spontaneous Intelligence.

I AM.  

We try to compel God to linear thinking, which is based upon experience;  when God thinks in terms that are creative, and life-giving.

Jesus explained to the religious priest,

"Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God.

Except a man be born of water, and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God.

That which is born of the flesh is flesh;  and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.

The wind blows where it will, and you hear the sound thereof,  but cannot tell whence it comes, and whither it goes:  so is every one that is born of the Spirit."

- St. John ch.3

  The Word of the Spirit will give life:  but, it will also cause linear thinking to wither and fall away.     (Isaiah ch.9,  Revelation ch.19)

Your conversation will change.   Your confidence will change.

Linear thinking dies.  (Genesis ch.3)

We are so dogmatic in our thinking that we distance ourselves from the life of God.   We must close down the religious dogma,  and be open to the Spirit of life.

It's a different way of thinking when you become I AM.

Pgs 61 - 81

Chapter seven

This Chapter deals mainly with the background, and rise, of the one known as Satan.  If you think you knew, you may be in for a bit of a shock.  

As we follow the historical path of man's religion down to our day we see that the political church had kind of lost its way. 

As we address the topic of adversity ... parts of the Jewish Book of Enoch should be mentioned to see where some of our ideas came from.

This book, although not included in the Old Testament, was influential upon the Jews, as well as the early Christians.

It is from these passages that the concept of one angel who accuses and punishes men evolves, which gave rise to the origin of the Devil of medieval and modern Christendom.

Satan grew into the arch-enemy of Yehovah, almost as powerful as the LORD, but never beyond His control.

From the above story has evolved through the centuries the current status of Satan in Christendom.  The concept evolved that Satan, the Devil, tried to make himself equal to the Lord of the Spirits.

Some said before his expulsion from heaven the satan was called Lucifer, but afterwards he was known as Satan.

With all of this as evidence it did not take much doing for the first century Christians to connect Lucifer and Satan to the serpent in the garden of Eden who tempted Eve.

If we would remember, and value, what was originally written in the Hebrew scriptures that we take as the Bible, we would see a different picture of God, the world, and our surroundings.

Has it been tampered with by the political church to form certain doctrines ?     Yes.


The fact is ...

In nature there are animals that are kind, and there are animals that are ferocious.

In the fields there are flowers, and there are weeds.

In the heavens there are beautiful skies, and there are hurtful storms.

Some water is good to drink, and some is poison.

Who created all of this ?   (read the Book of Job)

We know that in all realms there is adversity.

But just as when the earth was without form and was void,  and darkness covered it,  there is a Word of Intelligence amidst the Elohiym; the Great Supreme Spirit;   ...  the Word that brings light, and life.

In the midst of adversity, I AM will speak this Word,  ...  and it will be So;   and it will be very good.           You will see.


We must be careful not to let man-made religion alienate us from the true nature, and Divine force.

There have been individuals, nations, and cultures,  who have strayed from the Word of the Spirit in their generation; and have become disillusioned, wounded, and malignant.    That is what evil is.     And some, out of their woundedness, propagate even more evil.

Because God cares for His Creation He will correct it, and keep it upon the path of His Word.

We wish to work with the Great Spirit to make these corrections   ...  and stay in balance.

You will see the manifestation from many directions ...

(a powerful, detailed, chapter with much research)

Pgs 82 - 101

Chapter eight
The Human

Chapter Eight shows us how most Cultures have referred to the 3 Selves of each Human; and seeks to link us to the powerful Spirit flow of the Creator.  It is what we are all about.

  We must have confidence in the word of the vision.   It must enter into our lower-self and renew our way of thinking.  (being mixed with faith and confidence)

With this understanding we will begin to see salvation in a new light.

The Gospel that was preached by the early apostles referred to  ...

 "the promise of the Father" - Acts 2:38,39

"refreshing from the Spirit"  - Acts 3:19

"renewing of your low-self (memory) by the

High-self (parental Spirit)"

- 2 Corinthians 4:13-16, Ephesians 4:23, Colossians 3:10, Romans 12:2, Titus 3:5,
St. John 14:26

"sealed by the Spirit" - Ephesians 1:13,14

Two Selves are important and eternal.  The Low-self,   ...  and the High-self.

You can't affect either of these with earthly things.   You can get the middle, reasoning- self, drunk,  ... but you can't effect the other two,    ... because they are eternal.

Many folks walk around in life  ...  living out of the middle-self.     They are taught to do that from childhood.

They know that they have the anxious, grieving, low-self in the background;  and they know that there is a high-self.   But, they are taught to live out of the middle-self.

So now we know what the story of the Garden of Eden is about; and the Story of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  (Genesis ch.3)

It's this middle-self that the apostles taught that we should consider dead.   (the carnal reasoning)

The high-self, the parental nature, (the Father), is discussed for us at some length in Romans ch.8.  (it would be helpful to look it up, and see what your understanding will take hold of)

As we come to understand the make-up of the human, we will soon learn that evil spirit possession, and attachment, seeks to linger in the low-self.    Even so, we must be healed, and renewed, in the low-self.  

Salvation doesn't come from the reasoning middle-self, but rather from the high-self, which is vitally-charged with the Word of the Spirit.

The middle-self thinks with carnal reasoning, or linear-thinking, based upon experience; even the memories of the wounded low-self.

Whereas the high-self thinks in terms of spontaneous creative, life-giving, Spiritual thinking, and draws from a Higher Word, and sonship inheritance. (Ephesians 1:17-19)

The middle-self just bounces around, is temporal, and is commanded, or brought into subjection, by either the low-self, or the high-self:   ...  or even another person, or entity.

To learn the truth of the I AM one must find the rest that remains for the children of God.

Pgs 102 - 120

Chapter nine
The Source

Chapter Nine opens with a "prophetic word" from Spirit ... introducing Source to you.  And then you are given a Spiritual Workshop to practice.

A Workshop ...for You

The Apothecaries of Success  

An apothecary is a medicine chest;  a place where medicine is kept.

When you are sick you need to go there and find help for your relief.

Pharmacies are also sometimes called apothecaries.

In our medicine chest we have 5 medicines that will help to heal your soul.  These are described in a little more detail a few pages back,   ... as to how they work.

(1) Goodness  (2) Wisdom   (3) Joy  (4) Peace   (5) Love

Now, you have to remember that these are medicines for the soul, and not the body.   They are meant to work with your memories, and perceptions;  to heal those kinds of wounds and spiritual sickness.

Some sicknesses that come forth are perceptions.   They are opinions that have been arrived at with the aid of the middle-self through the reasoning process.  (either personal, or through wrong counseling from another)

Because spiritual attachment (another spirit) may find comfort in these areas of your soul, you may also be surprised by these entities that seem to have made themselves at home.

All of this sickness causes emotional symptoms, and faith symptoms, that interfere with your growth, and destiny.  

So, we will teach you to take one medicine at a time, and let the Holy Spirit identify, and bring forth the Word that will bring new understanding, and healing, to these areas.
First, the diagnosis.  Then, the healing Word. 


Don't move too quickly in a linear fashion.

Contemplation: is about how to put the Word into application.   The Spirit (High-self, new self) will give you wisdom, and timing, even for the application.   And remember,  ... you could write it down.

Be deliberate in your application.   Faith rests upon Word.

Be open to the spontaneity of the Spiritual Intelligence.  The Higher.   The quickening that is from above.     (He will visit even while you are teaching others)

He will visit people's faith.

Get away from linear-thinking.  It is the higher-wisdom that will manifest in answer to these issues.    (He is God)

This is a Spiritual workshop.

God created.   "And, He saw that it was good"

"He created man after His own image"

It's our twisted complexes that we have drawn from in our lower-self that distort the image of God, and effect our reasoning, and faith.

We must learn to hear, and see, "the vision of God";    ...  and let it renew us so that we can live the new progressive life in God's purposes.


Pick One

Whether you are in a group, or by yourself,  you may quiet yourself.  Bring yourself to a place of neutrality, and just rest.

    1. Quiet yourself.   (let a few minutes go by)

    2. Now pick one.  (the one that stands out to you,

         eg.  goodness, wisdom, joy, peace, or love

    3. Close your eyes.   Wait a few seconds. 
Now, ... make it yours.   Speak it.

(at this time there will be a nervous frenzy of a few other words, and feelings, that want to rush along with it, and associate with it.   Possibly, even a picture, or a person.     That's o.k.      Write it down.

You are finding out what rides with that Word that we selected from the Apothecary.    Take your time, write it down in point form)

Now, take one of these riders, and ask the Spirit what He thinks.      Write it down.

This could take some time.  Go easy.   Take your time.    This is the beginning of renewing, and change.

You can work alone in this, or with another.   But, do not resort to the middle-self-reasoning, and stories, and excuses.     This is the High-self's opportunity.

You have all the time in the world to deal with this;  but expect to form your faith upon this  word of the Spirit.   (which is spontaneous, and creative,  rather than linear)

Honor what the Holy Spirit shows you.   Each bit.   And,   ...  He will show you more.

You can go back to the Apothecary again, and try another one.

You will grow.   You will be released.  You will bear fruit.   You will be brought forth into your destiny by the One who is your High-self.  (the sonship/daughtership of God)


Once you learn this procedure,  you can also write down some of the concerns that may arise in everyday life. 

And, Guess what ?

You'll begin to learn to draw from the High-self, and your life will be in harmony with God.

Pgs 121 - 135

Chapter ten
Living Life

Chapter Ten ... Living Life ...

Go Forth and Live

When our low-self  (our soul) is cut off by our reasoning-middle-self, we lose the flow of vital-force that accompanies our high-self (our sonship);  ... and so we grope for the many things that we can "borrow from" in this world.  (scary, once we move on to the other side  - St. John 3:18-21)

We have been tricked to believe that we are our own source;  and that our vital-force comes from food, and wealth (Genesis ch.3, St. Matthew ch.4):  and that our pursuits. or direction, comes from our middle-linear-planning-self.  And so, we are cut-off, and grieving.

If we will be true to our High-self, and see direction through those eyes, we will soon come to recognize the Word being spoken to us from many sources, and helps;   and we will live our true destiny. 
From Proverbs of the Bible we read ...

"Now therefore hearken unto Me, O you children: for blessed are they that keep My ways.

Hear instruction, and be wise, and refuse it not.

Blessed is the person that hears Me,  watching daily at My gates, waiting at the posts of My doors.

For whoso finds Me finds life, and shall obtain favor of the LORD.

But the person that sins against Me wrongs their own soul: all that hate Me love death."
- Proverbs 8:32-36

What About Life and the Word
- a Jesus Story

"A Sower went out to sow his seed:  and as he sowed, some fell by the wayside;  and it was trodden down, and the fowls of the air devoured it.

And some fell upon a rock;  and as soon as it was sprung up, it withered away, because it lacked moisture.

And some fell among thorns;  and the thorns sprang up with it, and choked it.

And other fell on good ground, and sprang up, and bear fruit an hundredfold.

He that has an ear, let him hear.

And his disciples asked him, saying,  What might this parable be ?

The parable is this,     ...

The seed is   ... the "Word of God".

Those by the wayside are they that hear;  then comes a negative spirit, and takes away the word out of their hearts, lest they should believe and be saved.

They on the rock are they, which, when they hear, receive the word with joy; and these have no root, which for a while believe, and in time of temptation fall away.

And that which fell among thorns are they, which, when they have heard, go forth, and are choked with cares and riches and pleasures of this life, and bring no fruit to perfection.

But, that on the good ground are they which in an honest and good heart, having heard the word, keep it, and bring forth fruit with patience.

Take heed therefore how you hear:  for whosoever has,  to them shall be given;   and whosoever has not,  from them shall be taken even that which they seem to have."
- St. Luke 8:5-18


What Do You Want ?

Forget about the middle-self.   Get in touch with the High-self.

Write your question.
Be specific.  Expect an answer.  Seek wisdom

Which one will answer ?      Which one will you draw upon ?

The middle-self will immediately go to the low-self for memories, ... because linear-thinking is based upon experience.

The High-self will immediately look to the Creative Spirit Word,  ... because it is based upon the Creator.


Do you need  healing  in your low-self  area ?

You may be scarred, and have a complex.

Write your complex down.   (if it is a spirit, send it away)

Which self will give you the answer?  Which one will you draw upon?

Who is building your life ?  (Romans ch.8)


Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Just as you can go to a location and find a group of outcasts, or a group of high society business people;   all basing their thinking, and productivity, upon their experience (good, or bad): 

even so, there is a fellowship of people that base their unity upon the intelligence of the High-self,  and the Spirit Word of the Creator.

The first group can communicate because they know what to expect ... because of their experience.

The second group can communicate because of their Spiritual Word.    And you will soon come to realize that this group doesn't even have to be together to communicate... because it is the Spirit that unites them.   

They are part of the Kingdom of God.  (Joel ch.2,  1 John 1:5-7)

 It's that simple.   Who is your Source ?    Where does your intelligence come from ?  (see Jesus' remarks - St. John 3:19-20, and Paul's remarks in Romans ch.8)

The person (lower-self) must be open.  Pray according to the Spirit.  Expect, through the eyes of the High-self,   ...   to see Spiritually.

Live out of this place in faith, and obedience, to bring it to pass.  (exercise patience)

The old vision is gone.  The new is coming forth.

Just as we see in Genesis ch.1 (the Power of God's Vision);   ... the light is there, the waters are divided from the land, and the "place of purpose" will come forth to appear.

The Vision of God.     The intelligence of God for everything  ... in His vision.

It is still being brought forth; even through the sons and daughters of God.   It is breaking-forth into this realm through Divine Word, and obedient act.      It is making history.

Births, restoration, healing, ideas, education, business, relationship, gladness.   (Righteousness, peace, and joy, in the Holy Ghost - Romans 14:17)

It is known now.     In this power of Vision  ...

     The parental High-self is interested in bringing the low-self (the person) to the full destiny of Itself.

Our soul (low-self) needs to be re-loaded with the healing, and guidance of the Holy Spirit:  the peace, and calmness, rather than anxiety, and blame.
We are to interpret everything out of the High-self.

Pgs 136 - 147

Section Two

Chapter eleven
The Mind

THIS Chapter is a Call Back to the original Intent of Human Expression ...

Now that we have read the First Section of this Book, and have seen the thread of "light" that proceeds from beyond the Universe, and through Creation, we move forward into the exciting role that each of us play in this earth in our generation.

In The Beginning

"In the beginning was the Word !"

The Supreme Spirit. The Word of the Kingdom of God. The Spirit of All that was to be.  It had moved upon the waters:  but the Word was not yet    ...    "spoken".       (Genesis ch.1)

Then this Word was spoken by a God (elohiym), who was an Expressor,  and began to create. 
(some call this God Yehovah, I AM)

Where did the Spirit move?  Upon what did It move to create?    Where did It get a pattern? What means or power did It employ. How did It go about creating ?

In short, what is the world made out of;     and how did we and all else come into being ?

If we could figure some of this out, it would solve many problems of our being; and set many people free.

Let's begin  ... this new Section.

So we find then, that the Spirit operates in the larger realm through self-knowing. It moves, and that movement must be one of Infinite Power moving upon Its world with a definite vision, and purpose.

The Spirit moves through I AM manifestors, and makes all that is made.  

In other words, what we see comes from what we do not see, through some inner intelligence at work, which knows there is no power but Itself.

"The things that are seen are not made of the things that do appear"
- Hebrews 11:3

So all things were made by the Word, and   ...

"Without the Word was not anything made that was made."
- St. John 1:3

How simple the process of creation when we understand it.    The Spirit speaks, and it is brought forth by the manifestation.
(the I AM)

"The Word was with God, and the Word was God."

From the Word then comes forth all that appears.   Each life, human or divine, each creation, is a different kind of word coming into expression.

At times we get into a maze of confusion when we attempt to realize what the Spirit means. It is then that we should think of It as the great reason, and impulse,  ...  behind everything.

Being all-knowledge It must know Itself, and must know everything It creates.  So, It knows us,    ... and It knows everyone.

Since It is all-Presence, we can abide in contact anywhere, and will never have to go to some particular spot to find It.

As It is All-Knowing, and operates through the power of the Word, It knows everything that we think, and speak.

Whatever this process of creation is, we find it is always a thought process.   

We should keep this in mind,  "The Spirit makes all things out of  Itself".

The impulse of the Spirit to move must be caused by a desire to express what It feels Itself to be. 

Beauty, Form, Color, Life, Love, and Power. All things that we find in the manifest universe are attributes of the Spirit, and are caused to spring into being through the Word spoken.

We find then that the Word, which is the inner activity of thought, comes first in the creative process; and all else comes from the effect of the spoken Word operating upon a universal substance.

If the Word precedes all else, then the Word is what we are looking for; and when we get it we shall have what the world has sought for from the beginning of time.

We must, if we wish to prove the power of the Spirit in our lives, look not to outside things, or effects, but to the Word alone; and then speak that Word to bring forth manifestation.


The human eye sees, and the human hand touches, only that which is an effect. (a created  living manifestation ... that can effect)

Unseen law controls everything; but this Law also is an effect.    Law did not make itself. The Law is not intelligence, or causation.

Before there can be a Law there must be something that acts;  and the Law is the way it acts;  it is intelligence.

"In the beginning was the Word."

This Word, or the activity of the Spirit, is the cause of the law; and the law in its place is the cause of the thing; and the thing is always an effect;  ...  that is, it did not make itself, it is a result.

The realization of Word always comes first in the creative process;

"The Word was with God and the Word was God"

...  and the Word still is God.


Pgs 148 - 171

Chapter twelve

This Chapter Twelve Makes it Personal

  Listen to the Spirit

Creative Mind does not force Itself upon us because we have the power to perceive. It recognizes us when we recognize It.

When we think that we are limited, or have not been heard, ... we take that thought and bring it into manifestation for ourselves, and that becomes our world.

We look about us, and see nature so beautiful, lavish and so limitless; and we realize that something, some Power, is behind all.

And then on the other hand when we see some people so limited, sick, sad and needy, we are tempted to ask the question,

"Is God good after all ?   Does He really care for the people of His creation?    Why are they sick?      Why are they poor?"

Little do we realize that the answer is in their own mouths, in the creative power of their own thought.

Many times, even though we know better, we will still go some other way rather than to develop what the Spirit has said to us.


God has already established His Word ... in a gracious way; and we, having been given the ability, will have to find out, and do for ourselves the rest.  (that's faith)

And yet, the Great Power is always near, ready at any time to help, and to even send help by His Word;   but we must use It according to Its own nature, in harmony with Its laws.

We should learn that we ourselves are a center of this Divine activity.

Realizing this, we must seek more and more to utilize our Divine nature; and by so doing we will come more fully under the protection of the great laws that govern all life, manifest and un-manifest.

Whatever we are, we must find that because we are made out of God we must seek to be of the same nature;   and not of some temporal nature because of our linear thinking.    

In the Infinity of Mind, which is the principle of all life, there is nothing but Mind, and that which Mind does.    That is the power of the eternal Universe.


Perceiving the Kingdom of God

"Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a man be born again, he cannot see (perceive) the Kingdom of God."
- St. John 3:3

There is an importance to this scripture in our conversation, because it is a reply to the statement made in the previous verse.

"No man can do these miracles that you do, except God be with him"

There is another scripture that goes like this,

"Let this (same) mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus"

That is all there ever was, or ever will be.  This Mind is acted upon by our thought; and so our thought becomes the power of our lives. It is just as much a power in our individual lives as God's thought is in the larger life of the Universe.

You see, when Jesus gave this answer, first of all we must recognize that it was to a dedicated religious leader of the Jews.

He had lots of thought activity, but his thoughts were not the thoughts of the Supreme Spirit.   He was trained by a different wisdom.

Every time his anxious heart wanted to get to know God better, he just got more religious, and more political.  He thought he was doing something good, but it was not in harmony with the Spirit.

Jesus said, You must be born again to see.

Some people say "born", but they don't know what they are saying; and they just carry on with more religious practices.

When something is "born", there is a process.

When something is born, identity is involved:  the identity of the parent, and the identity of the offspring.  Other than this, there is no such a thing as "born".

To "see" the Kingdom of God is to perceive the activity of the Kingdom.

We can't say that we "see" if we don't perceive, and recognize it,  around us.

For the sake of clearness, think of yourself as in this Mind of the Kingdom; think of yourself as a center in it.

That is your principle.   You think along with the Mind, and Mind produces the thing.   (that's faith)

Pgs 172 - 190

Chapter thirteen
Our Part

Chapter Thirteen ...

  Everything that we see is the result of mind in action.

We all have a body, and we have what is called a physical environment; and we could have neither if it were not for mind.

Our words are also sent forth from the mind.

But, there is an additional truth to this manifestation, and that is that these words of ours are clothed with a special vehicle.

These words have power, but there is a much larger power that goes with them that is sometimes not realized; and it is the way these words go forth.

Words are like the pins in a soldier's armor.  They can be flexible; or rigid.  They can paralyze and restrict a soldier, and become very awkward;  or they can assist, and make it easy.

A word spoken, because of the character of it, can confuse:   or settle with understanding.

A word can carry fear, or faith.

They can hurt: or love.  They can carry wisdom, or foolishness;  sickness, or healing; death, or life.   (Revelation ch.19)

Speaking a word is one thing;  but recognizing the unspoken vehicle around it is quite something else.

We must never let conditions become part of the mixture.

Conditions are interpreted by human reasoning and linear thinking, and rely upon the source  ... of man's experience.

Our miraculous word is not a part of any conditions, but is rather born out of the realization of the Spirit.

The law implanted within us is that we need nothing except ourselves and this All-Wise Creative Mind to make anything;  and that just so far as we depend upon any condition, past, present or future, or upon any individual, we are creating chaos because we are dealing with conditions, and not with Spiritual causes.

We don't have to fight against these conditions, or deny them;  but they are not what we are looking to as the source of our miracle.

Every living soul is a law unto their own existence; but of this great truth few people are conscious.

It seems difficult for a people which feels itself to be so limited to comprehend the fact that there is a power that makes things directly out of Itself by simply becoming the thing that It makes; and that It does this by Self-knowing.

We should realize that we are dealing with a principle that is manifested.    It will never fail us at any time,   ... but is eternally present.

We can approach the Infinite Mind with a depth of thought and understanding, knowing that It will respond:  knowing that we are dealing with the creator of reality.

Jesus laid down the whole law of life in a few simple words:

"It is done unto you as you believe."

We do not have to do it; it is done unto us.   It is done by a power that is All.

So, unless we do believe, and act in harmony with the faith that the Spirit gives to us, there is no impulse for the creative power; and we do not receive.    

Life externalizes at the level of our thought, spoken word, and activity.


Action and Reaction

There is something that casts back at us every thought that we think.

Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord," is a statement of eternal truth against which nothing can stand.  

And whatever man sets in motion in mind will be returned to him even as he has conceived within himself;  ... and brought forth into manifestation.


If we wish to transcend old thoughts we must rise above them and think higher things.  

We are dealing with the law of cause and effect, and it is absolute.   It receives the slightest as well as the greatest thought, and at once begins to act upon it.  And sometimes, even when we know this, we are surprised at the rapidity with which it works.

If we have been misusing this law we need not fail; all that we have to do is to turn from the old way, and begin in the new.   (Acts 2:38-40, and 1 Peter 1:23-25) 

We will soon work up out of the old law into the new   ... which is being established for us.

When we desire only the purpose of our destiny;  when we stop self-ambition and fear,  the evil slips away from us and returns no more.   

The promise and blessing of our Creator will begin to manifest as we look to our high-self for that vision and direction that abides with us.


Pgs 191 - 204

Chapter fourteen

Chapter Fourteen ...

The Use of the Greater Consciousness

In practice the freed soul must always realize that he, or she, is in union with the Father.

What God is, we can become as Sons and Daughters. 

Our Word must be spoken with absolute authority; there should be no uncertainty.

The word is the only power.   Everything must come from it, and nothing can stand against it.   It is the great weapon which we use against all evil, and for the Kingdom.  (Ephesians 6:17, Revelation ch.19)

Using it is our shield against all adversity, and a sure defense against all seeming limitation.

The secret place of the Most High is in our own soul, where the Spirit dwells in eternal peace and infinite calm.   Here, we can walk the waters of life undisturbed by the waves, and the storm.

Divine companionship is ours for all eternity.

Peace which transcends all human confusion comes;   and we realize that indeed we are honored of the Father.

His word is flung out and will work, and none can hinder it.    The sense of sureness is complete.  Heaven and earth may pass away, but the Word goes on and on accomplishing that thing for which it was sent; and all power is given to it on earth and in heaven.

If one speaks to the sick and they receive, it will heal them.   If one says the word of prosperity it will manifest, and nothing can hinder it.  The world will abound with creativity, and their cup runs over with life.

What more can we ask!   What greater realization of life than to know that God is with us !

From this great realization comes peace; a peace that the world little understands; and one that we continuously need to be a student of.

Peace brings poise;   and the union of these two gives birth  ... to Power.

No person can hope to arrive while he, or she, believes in two powers. Only as we rise to the realization of the One, in and through all, can we attain.

When we speak the word there must be no confusion,  but only that calm reliance which knows that

"Beside Me there is none other."


The Greater Consciousness

Man is surrounded by a great universal thought-power which returns to him always just as he thinks.

There are two things in man which his thought effects; ... his body, and his environment.

At first, being ignorant of this fact, he binds himself by a misuse of the laws of his being.

But as he begins to see that he himself is responsible for all that comes to him on the path of life, he begins to control his thought, which in its turn acts on the universal substance to create for him a new world.

This great soul is learning more and more to dare to fling out into Mind the Spiritual vision of himself; and to see himself perfect and whole.

If he has a divine thought he will get a divine thing.  If he has a human thought he will get a human thing.  He will receive whatever his innermost thought embodies.

And so we find in the Bible twice repeated these words:

"To the pure Thou wilt show Thyself pure;  and to the froward Thou wilt show Thyself froward."

It is done unto all  ... as they believe.


Pgs 205 - 227

Chapter fifteen
Perfect Universe

Chapter Fifteen ...

  The one who desires to heal must stop seeing, reading about, discussing, or listening to conversation about sickness, and defeat.

There is no other way under the sun except as we let go of that which we do not desire, and take that which we wish to have. There is too much of this deceiving ourselves into thinking that we can do two ways at once.

We may deceive ourselves, and possibly other people, but the law remains the same;   a law of mental correspondences, and nothing else.

We cannot go beyond our ability to realize the truth;   water rises only to its own level.

In our people of need, as well as in ourselves and our environment, we will reflect what we are; not at our best in the few moments of silence, but in the long run of ordinary life, and thought.

To acquire the larger consciousness is no easy task. All that we have believed in which contradicts the perfect whole must be dropped from our thought.

We must come to realize that we are now living in a perfect universe, peopled with perfect spiritual beings, each of which (coupled with the Great Divinity)  ... is complete within him, or her, self.

We must see that we are one in the Great One, and then we will not separate or divide, but unite and add to, until in time we will find that we are living in an entirely different world from that in which we had once thought we were living.

Of course this will meet with much opposition from those unenlightened souls whom we must contact in the world.   But what does it matter ?

Remember, the great one is the one who can keep in the crowd the calm even thought, the deep divine reliance on principle.   And even more,  ... this is the only way to help, or to save, the world.  

You are lifting up the standard of life, and those who are ready will follow.   You have no responsibility to save the world except by exemplifying the truth. The world must save itself.

All are alike; there is no difference between one person and another.

Come to see all as a Divine idea.    Stop all negative thought.

Too much cannot be said about the fact that we are dealing with only One Power, making and unmaking for man through the creative power of his own thought

If there is something in your life that you do not want there, or that is bothering you, look for Spiritual understanding.   Our perception releases faith, and new thought.


There is too much struggle coming into our thought.

Often we hear people say, "I have a big fight ahead."

O foolish and untaught, how can you hope to enter in ?

The kingdom comes not from without, but from within,   ... always.

Stop all struggle; and wait upon the sure principle that creates whatever It wills because there is nothing to oppose It.

As long as we think that opposition exists we are blocking the way for the clearer vision.

Those that take up the sword must perish by it; not because God is a jealous God, but because that is the way the law must work.

Cause and effect must obtain   ... everywhere.

Do not even fuss about your Karma. Too often we hear people say, "This is my Karma."

This may be true enough, but how many people know what they mean when they use the word, Karma?

Do you realize that your Karma is nothing but your false thinking, and that the only way to escape it is to think the truth, and that brings in the higher-law ?

When the greater comes in, the lesser leaves because there is no longer anything to give life to it.   The past is gone when we learn to forgive and to forget.

This erases from mind all that is held against us, and even our sins "Are remembered no more against us forever."

Fate is in our own hands.   And when we will rise to that pure atmosphere where we see things in their completeness;  and know that an All-Wise Power is behind it all, we will see that the Infinite Mind could wish for us only that which expresses Itself in limitless terms.

Paul, the early apostle, in the first chapter of his letter to the church at Ephesus said this:

"Wherefore I also  ... cease not to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers;

That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him:

The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that you may know what is the hope of His calling, and what the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints,

And what the exceeding greatness is of His power to us-ward who believe, according to the working of His mighty Power" 
- Ephesians 1:15-20

The whole trouble has been that we reason as men, and not as gods.  
(Ephesians 2:2,3)

"I say ye are gods and every one of you Sons of the Most High."        (Psalms 82:6, St. John 10:33-38)

The great law of life is thinking and becoming; and when we think from the lofty heights of the Spirit we will become great, and not until then.  

Truth is, just as much as God is; and the whole world is coming gradually into the realization of it.

Keep the truth within your own soul;  lift your own self above the confusion of life, and then people will believe.

All our thought is to be created in the realization of the One becoming the many; without struggle, and without fear;  stripped of all that denies the truth. 

To us there has come a greater vision; and to those who believe and act as though it were true  ...  it is proving itself.

We must turn from the trend of human thought and experience.

As long as we believe in a lie it seems to be present with us.

Man is born of the Spirit of God Almighty, is pure, holy, perfect, complete and undefiled; and is meant to be at one with his eternal principle of being.

Somewhere down the path of human experience we will all awake to the realization that we ourselves carry judgment, heaven or hell.

We live in Spirit awaiting the touch of thought that believes.

All people look, a few see.


Pgs 228 - 236

Chapter sixteen

Chapter Sixteen ...

  "And this is life eternal, that they might know You, the only true God;  ... and Jesus Christ whom You have sent." 
- St. John 17:3

One must realize that he, or she, is a center of the divine activity.  That person must know that whatever God is in the Universal, He is in the world in which he, or she, lives.

They must know that all things are made out of Spirit, which is First Cause; nothing comes before Spirit.

Operating upon Itself out of Itself, It makes what It will out of Its own perfect desire.

He, or she, must think of the Spirit as the Father of their own life; eternally bound to Him.

They must know that the Spirit not only can manifest through them, but that It wishes to do so.

"The Father seeks such to worship Him."

The person who understands the truth knows that as long as the Kingdom of God exists, he, or she, will exist;  and that they could no more become non-existent than the Kingdom of God could.

Walking, talking, and moving in the Spirit, this individual  must not only see the Divine Being as the great unknown Cause, but must go a step further and see the Spirit as the great Self-knowing, understanding, power of Infinite Intelligence.  That One who thinks through our own thought, and wills into our own life, all power and all purpose.

More than this, the Spirit must become within our own soul the Higher Self, the inner life, the inner light that is to light our path with sure step to the attainment of the greater ideals.

The Supreme Spirit becomes the great friend of our life, understanding us, and helping us at all times to understand all things.    (Proverbs ch.8)

No more creeds, or candlesticks, will we ever need.

The old methods must vanish into their native nothingness ... as the great realization that the Spirit is All in our life dawns upon our awakened thought.

"Naught is the squire, when the king's at hand;

Withdraw the stars, when dawns the sun's brave light."

We must know that not height, nor depth, nor any other thing, can come between our soul and its perfect Creator.

Too long have we listened only to people; now our own soul shall speak in a language that is unmistakable; now shall we ourselves become masters of all life and interpreters of all mysteries.

Now, my Father and I are one.

As the word of God goes forth and sets in motion the all law, so must we realize because we are one with the Word that our own thought has the power of expression.

The one who wishes to heal must come to see all evil as impersonal; fastening it to no one, but realizing that it is simply perverted thought, or a lost and evil spiritual energy.  

The healer knows that the word which they are to speak will destroy this false impression; and send away the lost spirit.

There should be absolutely no sense of responsibility beyond speaking the word in positive faith, and knowing.

We must know that our word is true:  but also, that the receiver must receive it. 
(St Luke 8:4-18)

Every time that we state a truth we must know that that truth destroys all that is unlike itself, and frees the thought of the one whom we wish to help, and to heal.

People are sick because they think sickness, and will be healed only when they turn from this kind of thought, and begin to think in terms of health, and life.

The sooner the one who is striving to attain realizes that truth must become revealed through his, or her, own soul, and not that of another,  ... the sooner that person will attain.


Dare to "Stand amidst the eternal way" and proclaim your own Atonement with all the power that there is,  was,  or ever will be.

Much of the whole human race is hypnotized; thinking whatever it is told to think because of its upbringing.

We get our concepts from our physical environment.

We say, "See sin, sickness and death, misery, unhappiness and calamity."   

This is the concept that we are giving to the creative impersonal Mind;   and so we are making a law for ourselves that will produce what we believe in.    Like produces like, attracts like,  and creates like.

We cannot make affirmations for fifteen minutes a day and spend the rest of our time denying the thing which we have affirmed, and affirming the thing which we have denied, and obtain the results which we seek.

We send out the word, and it sets the power in motion; then we think the opposite thing which neutralizes the first word, and zero is the result.

Dare to believe.

    You are now free, and your freedom will yet save the world from itself.

The great soul finds within itself the Divine companionship which it needs.    It finds within itself the wisdom which it craves. 

The "Peace which passes all understanding", and the power to do all things.      


Healing the Sick

We shall be called upon to heal all manner of disease, to comfort the sorrowing, and to bring peace to the distressed.

First we must heal ourselves.   When we are healing others we are also healing ourselves. A healer's work takes place within himself.

This word is in your own mouth, and there alone can it be spoken. Here your responsibility begins, and here it ends; in your own mouth.

You must feel no responsibility for the recovery of the needy, for it brings confusion and disturbance to be always wondering if it is working.

It must work, if you have the sure faith, and the "needy one" is receptive.    You are dealing with the same power that said, "Let there be light", and there was light.

If the needy one is suffering from a belief that he is dying of some dread disease, you must know that when you speak the word it will destroy this false belief   ... and set him free.

There must be no doubt about the power in the word which you speak.   It should be said in perfect calm, in peace, and with absolute faith that it will work.

This word establishes the law of life unto the needy;  it casts out all fear, and afflicting spirits,  and destroys all false sense.

When you are as sure of this as that you breathe, when you truly know within yourself, the needy one will be healed, provided he, or she,  also believes.

If they do not believe it is not your fault, and you will have done for him, or her, all that can be done.

Here, and at all times, we must settle every question from within,  and not from without.


Pgs 237 - 245

Chapter seventeen
Twelve Beatitudes

Chapter Seventeen ...

  1. The Use of Affirmations

Speak what the Holy Spirit shows you about the situation in the Spiritual realm.

Don't be afraid to command the spirits, when you are in line with the Word of the Spirit. Always believe in what you are doing; never see the weakness, or negative side of life.   

Never talk about it, or listen to talk of other people; and never think about, or see imperfection, and you will have no trouble in seeing miraculous results.

2. The Highest Attitude of Mind

The highest attitude of mind, from which all else springs, is one of perfect calm and absolute trust in the Spirit.

The one who can  ...

(1) with perfect confidence look into the future,   

(2) and with perfect ease of mind rest in the present,

(3) and who never looks backward, but who has learned to be still in his own soul and wait upon the Spirit,    ...

that  is the person who will most completely demonstrate Spiritual thought over all so-called material resistance.

"Be still and know that I Am God."

3. God is at Work

It is getting good so fast that in the process many things are being overturned, and confusion appears to be on the surface.

A great change is taking place, and on the surface the results are as yet a little mixed, but underneath the power is at work destroying all unlike itself.   In time all will come to see this.

There is a Wisdom at work that is far superior to anything that we have become accustomed to.    We are calling for help from the eternal.

Remember, that in the Divine plan no mistakes are made; and that if God would have wanted to do it in a different way, He would have done it differently.    He sees so many details that we are unaware of.   (we are unaware because of the limitations that we have put upon our own minds)

4. Be Alive

Be alive;  filling your place in the events of your generation.   Take part in all its labor, and in all its fun.

Pessimism must be relegated to the scrap- heap. There is no place among the living for the dead.

"Let the dead bury their dead."    "Follow me."

Fill yourself with the radiance of a life running over with power and usefulness.
Then, shall the world see your light.

5. Be Happy

How can we hope to make the world see the right way unless we overflow with joy?

The world has now too many sad faces. We see them everywhere; that resigned look that seems to say, "One hurt, more or less, makes no difference; I am already so sad that nothing matters;  I can bear it."

This was all right when we thought everything was all wrong;   but now that we know that "all was created well with the world",  we must get over this depression which robs us of the good things of life;  and "enter in".

The one who is always glad will surround him, or her, self with people who are happy, and life will be a continual enjoyment.

Get over the thought of condemning people and things.  People and things are all right. Most people are trying to do the best they can; let them alone and enjoy life.

6. Live in the Present

Life is for us, today

Today we are setting in motion the power of tomorrow.   Today is God's day, and we must extract from it what of life we are to live.

Tomorrow, in the divine course of events, will care for itself.

The soul that learns to live in the great gladness of today will never weary of life, but will find that he, or she, is living in an eternal here and now.

"Lord,   for to-morrow and its needs I do not pray; Make me to do Thy will just for today."

7. See the Good in All Things

Learn to see God in all manifestation, in all people, ... through all events.

What we see is the body of God, full, free, complete, and whole.

The very touch of the flesh should send a thrill through the whole body, bringing up its vibration to a higher pitch, to a finer form.

The body is not one "mass of pollution," it is the temple of the living God, and should be so thought of.    Too long have we condemned it, and now we must free it by reversing the process.

"If you do not love your brother whom you have seen, how can you love God whom you have not seen?"

When we behold a beautiful sunset we should see the wonderful thought of God, the radiance of His presence.

In the strength of the hills we should see the strength of the Spirit. And seeing all things as Spiritual ideas, we should learn to love them because God has made them, and given them to us to use.

Learn then how to appreciate Nature, and Nature's God.   Spend time in the out of doors.  Look up at the stars, and let them be your companions.
8. Be Expectant

Expect the best to happen.

Don't sit around waiting for trouble. Have absolutely nothing to do with it. It is no part of the divine plan. It is an illusion of the material sense.

Be expectant.  Wait to see something of the Kingdom of God moving.   Get a word of wisdom from above.    Establish relationship.

One who has learned to trust will not be surprised even when he finds things coming from the most unexpected sources. All things are man's to use, and then let go of.

What more can we ask?

Be content and cheerful if you wish to attract from out of the store of the Infinite. Open up your whole consciousness to the greater possibilities of life.   Line up with the big things.

When you speak the word of the Spirit, expect it to happen.

9. Expanding Our Thought

All things come to us through the use of our thought. If we have a small concept of life we will always be doing small things.

First in the creative series is the Word, but the Word carries us no further than our consciousness back of it.

Unless we are constantly expanding our thought we are not growing.  Growth is the law of life,  and it is necessary.    We cannot stand still.  

If you want to do a new thing, get a new thought, and then you will have the power of attraction which has the possibility of drawing to you the circumstances which will make for the fulfillment of your desires. Get over the old idea of limitation.

Overcome all precedents from experiences, and set yourself in the new order of things.

God has created you for a glorious future.  You are here for a reason, with a destiny that the Word of the Spirit has written in your soul.

Dare to confidently hear what Spirit has to say to you; and get started with the acts that will be your manifestation ... in your generation.

10. The Power of Service

An act of service has as much power as our alignment to the Word  when we are giving it.

Our service is to be a manifestation of the present Word.

"Heaven and earth will pass away but my word will accomplish."

In calm confidence, and perfect faith, speak and wait upon the perfect law. Get that mental attitude that never wavers. Be sure, and it will be done.

11. Repeating the Service

One Treatment would heal anything if it were not for the fact that people are constantly receiving false suggestions from the outer life.

As it now stands, we should treat until we get results, always expecting that it will happen at once.  (but also always knowing that the Spirit is working, even when we are not, because it has been set in motion)

Every act of service should be complete, and at the close we should always realize that it is done.

The word spoken once from the mind that knows is immediately taken up by the Mind in which we live; and this Mind begins to create around the word, which is the seed;  the thing thought of.

We must speak that word with authority. There can be no wondering if it is going to work.

When we plant a seed in the ground and water and care for it, we never doubt but a plant will spring into being. So it is with the word.  It is acted upon by some power which we do not see.   But that the power is there, there is no doubt, since all who go about it get results.

As Thomas Edison says of electricity, "It Is; use it;"

So we say of the high-self,   "It is; use it."

Always remember that your every thought is the way that you are blessing; since it is the way that you are thinking.

12. Impersonal Healing

The very presence of one that understands this truth will have a great power of healing.

The reason for this is that we are all in Mind, and we have with us at all times our thought.

And since all manifestation is the result of mind in action, and we are thinking beings, and are always causing mind to act, the very presence of our thought will have some power to act upon whatever we are thinking about.

Stop limiting things.

There is room at the top.  Get on top of everything, and dare to exercise power.

All things are given us to use, make use of them.   Everything is limitless, and we must see the truth that the fault is not in the Law, but in ourselves when we fail.   Not with God, but with man.

Dare, Dare, Dare.

Think of the bigness of things in the universe. Think of the number of grains of sand; the profusion of all life; and never again limit anything.     All is yours to use.

Jesus would never have become the Christ unless he had had the courage to say, "Behold, I Am He."

You will never attain until in some degree you are able to say the same thing of yourself.

We must learn to reach out and take what is meant for us;  the greater life, the all purpose.


Simply know that God makes things out of Himself by speaking the Word; and that in your own life you can learn to hear this word and be the I AM,    ... the Manifestor.

The Word is at the center of all creation, and is first cause: the starting point of all that you see.

The word is in your own mouth, and all that you have to do is to speak it.  The trouble is that we are speaking the word, and in the next breath we are denying its power by saying something that contradicts It.

As yet our word is more or less imperfect; but more and more it will become perfect, and so the outer condition will be brought up to the inner word.  All words have as much power as we put into them when we speak.

"The word is already in our own mouths."

That word is all that you will ever need to bring happiness, health, and success, to you.

Do you wish to have the good things of life?

There is but one way, and that way is as sure as that the sun shines. Forget all else and think only upon what you want. Control all thought that denies the truth of your destiny; and as the mist disappears before the sun so shall all adversity melt before the shining radiance of your own exalted thought.

The prodigal son remained a prodigal only so long as he chose to do so.

When the thought came to him to return, he was greeted by the Father with outstretched hands.     (St. Luke 15:11-32)

So shall we find that when we turn to that world which is perfect there will be something that will turn with us, and we shall behold the new heaven and the new earth; not in some far-off place beyond the clouds, but here and now shall we become free.


Pgs 246 - 270

Chapter eighteen

Chapter Eighteen ...


Principle itself is simplicity, yet it is infinite.   It is Infinite Mind, and manifestation of Mind.

We live in a Spiritual universe governed through thought, or the word which first becomes a law.

And when you and I shall cease looking outside ourselves to any person, and shall realize that whatever truth, and whatever power we shall have, must flow through us from our spirit, and from our higher-self.   It is then that we are manifested as sons and daughters of God.   (the I AM)

You and I then are not dealing with the  conditions,  but with mental and Spiritual law.

We are dealing with the power of thought, the power of mind;    and the more Spiritual the thought the higher the manifestation.

The more our reliance upon the Spirit of God, the greater the power.

It is the new age, the new generation; and as sure as God is, it will usher in and express the perfect life, the revelation of this truth, and our ability to use it.

Every time you say I Am, you are recognizing the eternal infinite presence of omnipotent power within yourself, which is God operating through your thought.    That is why you bring upon yourself the thing you fear, and why you bring to yourself the thing you want.

When your thinking is health and life and power; that is the day that thought will swallow up, erase, and kill-out the rest.

The day you as an individual pass beyond the perception of limitation, you will draw out of the universe everything you desire. Poverty will desert you, and you will be freed forever.

The day you think of happiness, misery will depart,  and never return.

Is it not then worth your time and your effort; and should it not be the greatest purpose in the life of any awakened soul  ... so to live this principle and find salvation?

The way can be shown, but each individual must agree with  ... and continue its motion.

We are so bound by suggestion, and hypnotized by false belief, so entangled by the chaotic thinking of the world:  thinking which is based upon the principle of a dual mind, that we become confused,  ... and are not ourselves. 

The basis for human reasoning is that it weighs the good against the bad;  then draws a conclusion to base its faith upon.

Spiritual thinking is different.

I live in the great and eternal universe of perfection from cause to effect, from beginning to end;   and "The world's OK, and I know it." 

Majestic and calm, and waiting with eternal and divine patience, the Great Principle of Life is ready to give to us all that It has.

It will send that puff of blessing our way.  

And while we listen and wait we will cast from us everything that hinders Its complete expression through us, and with us.   We will let go of all struggle, and all strife, and set in motion the momentum of Life.

Perfect peace to our soul as we rest in the realization of our unity with All that there is, was, or ever will be.

At one with the Infinite Mind,  all the power of the Spirit is working through our thought, and even the thoughts of others around us, as we believe and declare.

Perfect life, perfect healing, perfect harmony.

Divine guidance, and momentum.  

The winds of Salvation, Infinite strength, and joy forever.

Pgs 271 - 298

(Chapter Overviews In Part)

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