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The Foundation of Your Faith   
- 222 pages   - 5 x 8 paperback

by Bill Campbell

Where did the Bible come from?  Your source of righteousness.  Self righteousness.  God's righteousness.   Holy Sacrifice.  Spiritual gifts.  6 Steps for breaking addiction.  The presence of the Spirit.  The Christ gospel.  The Church.

A wise choice for anyone that wants a serious Study.

ISBN 978-0-9810863-2-3




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      Throne of God         
       The Mind Behind the Miracle
             5 x 7 paperback   - 298 pgs.

                       by Bill Campbell

   . The  
Island of Love   . Before the Bible
       . Abraham   . The Creation   . Deity
. The Expressor   . Adversity   . The Human
             . The Source    . Living Life

       . the Mind    . Perceiving    . Our Part
    . Faith   . Perfect Universe    . Knowing
          . Twelve Beatitudes    . Prosper

    No matter who you are, you will learn
              something from this book !

           Learn about ...

 - Before the Bible
            - The Elohiym gods
            - Yehovah (IAM)
            - Satan's Background
            - Abraham
            - Melchisedek
            - the 3 Selves of every person
            - the Power of Your Spoken Word
            - Momentum

       Things You Never Knew !   

ISBN 978-0-9812589-1-1


       New !      






  Triune Faith - 204 pgs.      - $15.95 cdn
     God's New Society
4.5 x 7.5 paperback

          by Bill Campbell

          -  the Call of God  
          .  the Word of God  
          .  the Spirit of God  
          .  the Light of God

          -  the Ministry of others 
          .  in Our generation 
          .  in Fellowship
          (the power that excites)

          -  Prophetic Word  
          .  the Ministry  
          .  Righteous Light  
          .  Your Destiny

          God's New Society

A must read for anyone with
        Spiritual passion.  

We are moving through a transition
             "right now".

ISBN 978-0-9810863-5-4


Armor of the Prince of Peace (Vol. 1)
    - 220 pgs.   5 x 8  paperback

                by Bill Campbell

   "This book is for every Believer"

11 Understandings of the Gospel

     1.  The Word
     2.  The Christ
     3.  The Kingdom of God
     4.  The New Covenant
     5.  2 Churches
     6.  The Body of Christ
     7.  The Power of Creation
     8.  The Message to the Church
     9.  The Marriage Supper of the Lamb
   10.  The Eternal Word
   11.  Life
                    ...  and more.

        - Spiritual Realization
        - Spiritual Armor
        - Our Ministry
        - First-fruits offering

What would happen to the people of your
church      ...    if they read this book ?

- 978-0-9810863-9-2

   $16.95 cdn 





 Spiritual Relationship
Armor of the Prince of Peace (Vol. 2)
- 207 pgs.   5 x 8 paperback

                 by Bill Campbell

The Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven
The 3 Stages of God's Revelation
The 7 Powers of Despndency
The 7 Outpourings
The 5 Elements of the World
The Soul of Revelation chs.17,18
The Christ anointing / Spirit Word

   Loaded with Understandings !

  ISBN - 978-0-9810863-8-5




 Justification of Mankind  
    - 224 pgs.   5 x 8  paperback
                   by Bill Campbell

Understanding that it is God's Word that justifies us,  and that our works are born out of Spirit Word,  ...  a whole new world opens to us. 

              Quick Study
      . Significance of the Cross
       . the Prophecy of Isaiah
               . Galatians

You will  see  the Gospel  like  you've  never  ... seen it before.    A must read for everyone.

Important !

    ISBN 978-0-9810863-7-8

    $16.95 c


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the things that are 
-208 pgs   - 4.5 x 7.5 paperback

by Bill Campbell

2 Creations.  Healing the World.    The Soul.    The Spirit world.   Teaching from the Holy Spirit.   Evil spirits.   Unclean spirits.   The Source of our faith.   Seeing into, and ministering to, the soul.

This book is helpful for anyone.   A good study.  You will learn things that you didn't know.

ISBN 978-0-9810863-0-9




The Shepherd    - 189 pgs.             $14.95 cdn
  4.5 x 7.5 Paperback

         by Bill Campbell

An introduction as to who the real
Shepherd is.

The Prophet  .  the Priest  .  the Steward
.  the Revelation  .  the Message
.  the Ministry

Being  .  Prophecy  .  Doing

You will learn about the "abiding presence"
of the Supreme Spirit.  A Good help for everyone

"What was the teaching of Jesus"  ?

ISBN  978-09810863-6-1


White Sword
- 270 pages  
- 5 x 7 paperback

by Bill Campbell

A good Study Book for anyone.   Good for group discussion, and self help.  Learn to hear the Spirit, and find your destiny.   A great introduction to Spiritual development.   27 short chapters that create a foundation for relationships in this life.

A good aid for those that aren't that familiar with the Bible.   It has a section at the back to explain each book of the Bible.

ISBN 980-0-9810863-4-7

        $18.95 cdn



           Cultural Heritage ?
                   Word of God ?

- 266 pgs.   - 4.5 x 7.5 paperback

                   by Bill Campbell

A shocking book  that  separates  the
reality of abiding in a "cultural" religion
from the reality of  abiding    ... in the
"household of faith".

How much do we know about the
Symbolism that we are promoting?

The transition of the Ages; and what is

Why is Sectarianism being challenged 
as we are moving into a state of Global
Faith ?

What was happening prior to Christianity ?

What was Christianity introducing ?

        What is  happening  Now ?

Everyone that's serious about Christianity
      ...  should read this book.

          ISBN  978-0-9812589-0-4

  $15.95 c





So Stop - "You Can't Live the Christian Life"   - 218 pages   - 4.5 x 7.5 paperback

by Bill Campbell

"It's Spiritually Directed"

Discover the four consciences, and how we are to be aware of the witness of the Spirit as we minister to them.   Adam and Eve DNA.   Ministering to the Soul.

A little harder to read.  Geared more towards leaders that have some background knowledge.

ISBN 978-0-9810863-1-6



- 198 pages   - 4.5 x 7.5 paperback

by Bill Campbell

How easy it is to get lost in religion, or any other delusion, only to find too late that our life has gone by,  and we have not experienced our true destiny.

Important for anyone to read.   A good introduction to Spirituality, instead of intellectualism.

ISBN 978-0-9810863-3-0


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