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"Chi Rho"            
- early Christian symbol
 prior to 4th Century   
Roman Catholic Church


          by Bill Campbell


Cultural Heritage ?
 Word of God ?

- 266 pgs.   - 4.5 x 7.5 paperback

A shocking book  that  separates  the  reality of abiding in a "cultural" religion ...
from the reality of  abiding  in the  "household of faith".

How much do we know about the Symbolism that we are promoting?

The transition of the Ages; and what is coming.

Why is Sectarianism being challenged as we are moving into a state of Global Faith ?

What was happening prior to Christianity ?

What was Christianity introducing ?

What is  happening  Now ?

Everyone that's serious about Christianity  ...  should read this book.





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CHRISTIANITY "Cultural Heritage  or  Word of God" by Bill Campbell    
- 266 pgs.   - 4.5 x 7.5 paperback

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Chapter Overviews
In Part


1. His Intent    2. His Household   3. A Culture   4. Symbolism  
5. A Faith   6. An Age   7. A Religion   8. Sectarianism   9. Relationship  10. Conclusion 


Chapter one
God's Intent 

Chapter One is set out in several Parts.  Because early Christianity emerged from the Jewish culture, it sets out to show the message of the early church with understandings from that background.   What about the Covenant between God and the Jewish people?  What about the Spirit of God?  What about the explanation that comes from the Book of Hebrews in the Bible? 

As we see the message of the early church unfold, we see that it is different than the one that has been presented to us by the Roman Catholic church, and Protestant churches of our culture.  For the serious student there are many relating scriptures to consider as well.

As we are being introduced to the gospel, and the Holy Spirit's role, we are taken into the understandings of present prophecy, and healing, and the huge question is addressed ... "Is Jesus the only Way" ??

Timing, and Spiritual flow, is discussed.  It is pointed out how we judge, and expect things to happen according to the flow of our creation ... while God moves, and flows, according to Spirit's own nature that all things were created out of.  We need to get to know the Creator, rather than man's ways, if we are to rely upon the Spirit. 

This chapter alone will open much discussion, and bring to the forefront clear answers from the message of the "early gospel" ... as opposed to what we thought we knew.  A considerable amount of time could be spent on just this chapter.

Pgs 1 - 53


Chapter two
"Household of Faith" 

Most every "idea" throughout history has been tested by opposition, and persecution.

People have died for religious, and political, causes since the first family of Mankind.  But, the question arises, "Are all these 'ideas' born of the Spirit of God"?  It doesn't seem to matter what religion we choose, or what civil government we look at, they all have their list of martyrs.

Is it "truth" that people are dying for?  Is it "God" that people are dying for?  Or, is it "conviction" that people are dying for?  Is it "ideology"? (possibly ignorance)

In this chapter we are introduced to "Light", and the Household of God.  This "Light" that we talking about is more than just the ability to see the path that we should walk on in our life.  It is also made up of many experiences, and sensations, and colors.  There are different flavors of light, because of experience, and perception.  This is Divine Intelligence.

There are "adventures of light", and practicalities of light.  It is the "Light" of the Kingdom of God ... the true authority.  We need to turn from our dead religions, and our sectarian ways.  Who are you now that you have turned your attention to the Spiritual Household ... the residing place of God's Spirit?

In this Chapter Two we discover that within this great Household of God there are many mansions.  What are these Mansions ?  What are the garments of salvation?  How does reference to the Ark of the Covenant reveal Spiritual understandings to us about this Household? 

A loaded Chapter designed to build confidence.  That is for sure.

Pgs 54 - 85


Chapter three
A Culture 

No matter what religion, they will appear somewhat different to us, depending upon the "culture" ... that they exist in.  It is only as we look through the cultural differences that we can see the true "faith" of these individuals.

Just as God has a special grace, and purpose, for different cultures; ... there is also a special grace, and purpose, for different individuals, and families.  But, in all cases there is one common principle for all, and that is to hear the "voice" of the Spirit of God.  One can have the best religious opinions in the world, and not be in relationship with the Spirit.

So, in Chapter Three we are taken to the discovery of our own soul.  If one can't find healing, and tranformation, for their own soul ... then, how can they be of service to another.  Most converts are never introduced to their own soul; but rather only to their intellectual belief.

In this chapter you will be introduced to Seven Stages of Spiritual growth.  We are all on this journey, and each of us will find ourselves at one, or several, of these levels.  It is not for us to look at each other and judge; ... but rather to hear what the Spirit is saying; and possibly, in faith, be of use to minister to another.

In most cases, we don't have a problem getting a response if we we ask someone if they are a Christian, or a Muslim, or have an opinion.  But if we ask them if the Holy Spirit is leading them with "new" intentions, and filling them with grace, we may have a problem.

The chapter then moves on to the lessons of overcoming anxiety, and the understandings of resolving guilt.  Truth, is what the Spirit of God speaks to us.  But how we apply it is called "perception".  The Word becomes flesh, and dwells amongst us.

Pgs 86 - 124


Chapter four

Every Culture throughout the world, and throughout history, is filled with Symbolism that is important to its people.   Why?  Why do people believe what they believe?

Chapter Four will show you the interesting origins of some of these symbols that we take for granted;  ... and how what we have thought was so, may not be.

Many of the things that we have accepted as being unique to what we are "calling" Christianity are now being seen in other historical cultures that date back many years prior to the birth of Christianity.

Many questions will arise in the immediate future.  Those that are happy with their traditions, and their friends, and are not concerned about the Light will go on as usual.  But, those honest folks that are seeking to know the Spirit of God will have many upsetting questions to deal with if they are to get involved with what is being done in our generation.

This short chapter is designed to open the way as we move into the "great awakening" that is happening Spiritually around the world ... in all nations.

Pgs 125 - 135


Chapter five
A Faith

Chapter Five begins by asking, "Where did your religion come from?  And, why did you get involved with this one?  And, why do you think everyone else is wrong?"

As we move into this Chapter we will see that some stories that we thought were unique to our scriptures are also found in scriptures of other cultures, and religions, with just different names placed on the characters.

What was going on in the World throughout history?  Was prophecy manifesting itself through the Egyptians, through the Greeks, ... through the Persians, the Chinese, and the Indians?  Or, did everything just start with our Religion?

Why are so many stories, and sayings, that are found in the Bible ... also found in many other scriptures dating back centuries prior? (Egyptian Book of the Dead, Hindu Vedas, Persian Avesta, etc.)

We are reminded ...

"It is the Spirit that gives life; the flesh profits nothing: the words that I am speaking unto you (present tense) ... are Spirit and are life" - Jesus

The Chapter leaves you with a Prophecy from 2007, entitled Transition of the Ages ... the last paragraph encouraging us to ...

"See the Peace of Antiquity.  The Rests of the Nations. The Good Shepherd, and the green pastures.  The Love.  The Pleasantries."

Pgs 136 - 166


Chapter six
An Age

Why, in the Christmas Story, is the mention of the Magi being led by a Star to Bethlehem ... to find the "new born" Christ?

Why did Jesus say that "at the end of the Age ... there would be signs in the heavens" ?

It is explained in Chapter Six, that at the particular time when Jesus was born ... there was a shift from one Age to another.  A new Age called Pisces was ushered in, and was heralded by the heavenly hosts announcing the birth of the Christ, the Savior.

"Peace on earth, good will toward men"

And, this Jesus would go on to say ...

"He that hears my Word, and believes on Him that sent me, has everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life"

The message was being spread.  The prophets, John the Baptist, Jesus, and the followers of Jesus.  The early Christians, along with other groups like the Essenes, were well aware of this change that was going on.

Pisces, their new astrological age, was a Water Sign.  The symbol is ... the fish.  Have you ever asked yourself, Why ... in the early years of Christianity, the sign of the Fish was seen to accompany so many of the Christian sites?

Things changed in the time of Jesus !  Through much struggle .. even religious views changed.  The new prophets were't like the old.  (they didn't fit in)

Prior to this "time of change" people offered animal sacrifices to God.  It was the Age of Aries.  (the symbol was a Ram)  This was the time of Abraham & Moses.

Since that time animal sacrifice has stopped.  The Calendar changed.  Everything is dated B.C. and A.D.  A New Age Worldwide was born.  God controls the Ages.

Jesus prophesied that there would come a time when people would worship God in Spirit and in truth (John 4:19-24)

What we have watched throughout the Age of Pisces ... will now move on into the Age of Aquarius. The Symbol is the "water bearer", a man with a pitcher, or Vial. (see Revelation chs. 16, 17, and 21)

Every major religion believes that we are entering the change of Ages.  For some we are about to enter the Golden Age; ... and for some, the Millennium.

Aquarius is an air sign; and the new Age is already noted for remarkable inventions for the use of air, electricity, magnetism, etc.  Men navigate the air as the fish do the sea, and send their thoughts spinning around the World with lightening speed.  (this is only a recent phenomenon, not in the previous 1900 years)

As things change, and God educates mankind globally ... the old will pass, and the new will come. Now! (like an outpouring)  And the Spirit of God will raise up messengers of this new Age ... that will fulfill, and further develop, the truths of the past age.

(Oh, oh, oh ... so much more to this Chapter ... I wish I could write it all here)

Pgs 167 - 177


Chapter seven
A Religion

This Chapter will help you uncover the difference between Spirituallity, and politically driven Religion. 

If the individual heart seems to be always feeling "that there is more", and it isn't  satisfied with nice temporal beauties of glamour, strength, and music, ... then you should know that you may have been drinking at the wrong stream.  It is a political church, not a Spiritual household.

Jeremiah, the Old Testament prophet, said (as he spoke from the Spirit) ...

"For My people have committed two evils;  they have forsaken Me, the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns .. that can hold no water"

Rather than relating to the Spirit, ... this people got lost in the crowd of the "special people".   Good influence?  Maybe.  Spirituality?  No.

Even though Jesus continually said that people should hear "his Words", and that they were not his own, but rather the words of the Spirit, few people can relay the message, or the understanding, that he was presenting.  The political church has built up cultural beliefs to overshadow it.  It's a convenient cultural message.

In the old stories of the Persian, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman, gods ... there is always virgin birth, death, and resurrection:  but do we ever know what they said to us?

In a political religion it's not necessary ... because all the gods of "blessing" bless us in our helplessness:  ... but they never nurture us into authority of sonship.

In political religion, you won't hear about .. 7 Stages of Spiritual growth, .. 7 Powers of despondency, .. 7 Spirits, ... or 7 churches.  

You may hear about how the particular religion developed throughout history, but you will never hear about the stories of the dozen other godmen (just like the story about Jesus) that all died, were buried, and rose again;  ... because these people are all isolated from the reality of the other cultures of the world.

Chapter Seven goes on to explain that God is Spirit.  God is Light, and Intelligence.

God created man (all mankind) in His own image,

Ever since then, in all generations, we have seen the embellishment of this "light" upon the great advances of civilization.

But, man also carries something else with him, and that is "anxiety", ... the oposite of faith.

Self-ambition: ... the opposite of sonship.

And so, in this world we have these perversions at war with one another. 

People are "doing" ... as an independent.  Separated from God: ... instead of being the expression of the Supreme Spirit.

"He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit would say"  (Revelation chs. 2,3)


He who becomes as a little child, and frees himself from the thought-force of the masses, will find the life of the Spirit.

That "individual", man or woman, will come to the realization of "present Spirit", and will acknowledge that we stand before the Void from which all things grow.

Does this mean that we do nothing?

Does this mean that we do not meet the needs of our generation? God forbid.

We have been strategically placed here, at this time, with the scroll of our destiny placed within our hearts; and it is our stewardship to perform it vigorously, as long as we have breath. (Romans ch.8)

Tomorrow, you will be surpassed, but you will be at rest in the glory of your reward;  and you will be a stone in the "building project" of the Supreme.

Chapter Seven .. a "must read" ...

What are the 14 spirits of the world?

What is the difference between the gospel of sacrifice .. and the gospel of obedient faith?  The gospel of man, .. or the faith of the son of God?

Pgs 178 - 219


Chapter eight

This Chapter Eight opens referring to discussions that Jesus is said to have had, as recorded by his disciple John, ... and is pretty straight forward on the idea of what Jesus taught.

"And as Moses 'lifted up' the serpent in the wildnerness, even so must the son of man be 'lifted up': that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life"  (John 3:14,15) 

The idea of "being lifted up" can be seen throughout most of the religions of the cultures of the world ... even thousands of years prior to this statement of Jesus, and prior to Moses of Israel.

One can find the same idea in the Persian Avesta of the Zoroastrian religion; the Egyptian religion's savior god, Horus; the Hindu's story of Krishna, the savior god; as well as prometheus of Greece, etc.

The idea of "overcoming" is also common, and we find it again in Revelation Chs. 2 and 3.

As each of these savior gods have been "lifted up", a new sect has been born.

Throughout the ages, and the cultures, saviors have come and gone; scriptures have been written; temples built; and wars fought.

Everyone has said that they have the "truth of salvation"; and it has a "Name" unique to its culture, lanquage, and scripture.

This is what we call "sectarianism".

For the most part, we have missed the truth of what Jesus was referring to; and have rushed off into "sectarianism" with our own version of the gospel.  But, I will assure you that salvation is not found in "sectarianism".  There is more to this than what we have been led to believe.

God is not a Jew.  He's not Persian.  Nor, is He Indian.  And, when we miss the truth of Universal, and eternal, Spirituality, we find ourselves in these cultural wars of destruction. 


As we look to this "lifting up" experience, there is actually an alternative to sectarianism; and that is the divine experience of Spirituality.

If we were to limit ourselves to only the third chapter of John that this statement was made in, we would see that "sectarian religion" is being challenged by Spirituality.

To see the Kingdom of God one must be Born Spiritually (vs. 1-12)

When the dying savior god is "lifted up", it is not a picture of salvation. It is a picture of death.  To take this picture of death, and run with it, is sectarianism.

Then, Jesus goes on to explain that what men are shunning is Spiritual light that is present.  And this is the condemnation. (vs.14-21)

Then, the chapter goes on to explain that he that does the truth comes to the "light". (vs. 21)

Sectarianism tries to rise. (vs. 22-30)

And, once again the truth of the "Voice", and the "light", are explained. (vs. 31-36)

God is "true".  Not Sectarianism.  No matter what name it goes by. 

In the very next chapter we see Jesus telling a Samaritan woman ...

"The hour comes, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in Spirit and in truth:  for the Father seeks such to worship Him.

God is a Spirit:  and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in truth."  (John ch. 4)


We must see "sectarianism" as that which misses the light.  We miss much of what God is doing and saying because of it.

The results of the message of State religion, and sectarianism, are seen as castles, history relics, history heros, and political spirit.

What we have been taught to believe is a "matter of faith" ... may not be the real gospel.

Our "matter of faith" is in Spiritual light, and commitment to the Spirit of our Creator.  Not to an ambitious sect.

For us, in our generation, we would like to be Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindu's, etc.;  but, we need to re-visit this idea, and actually hear what their message was before it became an organization.


Chapter Eight has so much more, but we will let you discover that yourself, and leave you with this conclusion ...

We don't define God by "any" culture, or Sect,  for it is God that has created all of mankind.

When we have our differences, it's not because of God's Spirit.  It's because of man's presumption, and orthodoxy, religious ambition, and sectarianism.

God has no nationality.  God is Spirit, and sees the hearts of men and women; and the faith, or fear, that resides there. 

That is the "heart" that the Supreme Spirit would call to the Light ... for the destiny that is to be set aflame.

Pgs 220 - 252


Chapter nine

This short Chapter discusses the difference between "Being" and "Doing", ... and how our relationship to the Spirit of God will effect our "Being".  It is what has been called the new birth, or Christ consciousness, or the "awakened state".


A special time should be set aside in each day that God has given to us; and when we are in that time ...

- Do we silence ourself to become neutral

- Do we learn anything ?

- Can we free our mind from our natural agenda to experience the Spiritual agenda ?

-Is that time worth anything to our growth ?

- Does it apply to our unique personal life ?

- When I put a concern before the Spirit do I get wisdom and direction ?


Do you believe that the Spirit is working around you in circumstances, people's lives, perceptions, and blessings ?   (is that because He has spoken to you)

Who influences the state of your Being each day,  the Spirit of God, or worldly concerns ?

Can you say, along with Jesus, ...

"I and the Father are One"

Pgs 253 - 259


Chapter ten

Now, let's move on into the "promise of the Father".  Let's learn to walk with the Spirit of God.

Who is my brother, or sister?  He that does the will of my Father which is in heaven, Jesus said.


Ways of thinking are changing.  Globalization is happening at a furious pace, as we speak.

Because people haven't known the Spirit of the Father; and possibly only religion, ... they will become forlorn.

The Spirit of God sows "great realizations" within the heart of the individual.  And through these individuals He speaks to the Creation.  We must walk in the light that He gives to us.

This is Universal truth ... Nothing hard about it.


In this Book I'm not trying to convince you of anything ... other than that you need to get to know the Spirit of God;

And that knowing Him is far superior to any "religious opinions" that you might have.

You might have to sacrifice some of your religion, "doings", position, and friends,  to get to know the Almighty Father.

Sadly, for many people, the only religion they have is based upon history, and legend.

As you Order this Book, and sit and contemplate the message of it, you will find yourself moving into a new idea of what your life is all about. 

It's not a fast read.  It's a Book to lead you to contemple, not steal your identity.

I trust, in your hands, it will become a "useful tool" to hasten you into the fulfilling of your destiny.

- Bill Campbell

Pgs 260 - 266

(Chapter Overviews In Part)

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CHRISTIANITY "Cultural Heritage  or  Word of God" by Bill Campbell    
- 266 pgs.   - 4.5 x 7.5 paperback

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