These are universal  "non-sectarian" teachings for all humans beings.
It doesn't matter what religion you are  ... these teachings will apply.

People relate to manifestations  of the Spirit of God,   such as Prophets, writings, visions, and religion;    but, what I will give you here, will take you beyond the things that divide people    ...  to a glimpse of  the  sacredness  of  "life"  in general.
There are 2 types of people.     Those that walk in  "light",  and those who walk in "darkness".           Those who are wise,  and  those who are ignorant.
       4  Types of Knowledge
1.  Self Knowledge
Is to understand one's self.   To understand life's sacred purpose.   To experience true love, and peace.       To know who you are in God's vision.   It's the area of potential,  and  "assignment".
Much  prophetic Spiritual Word  to individuals,  is to help them with Self Knowledge.
2.  Knowledge of God
As we are His children,  He delights to show Himself to us,  teach us His characteristics,  and share  His  important visions with us.     It is  the area of  protection, Spirit relationship,  growth,  miraculous ability,  and  eternal Home.      (this is a personal realization)
3.  Knowledge of Others
This is where we become aware of others,  and more detached  from our selfish ambition.     It's the area of  service  to God's creatures.        As we grow  in the  first 2  Types of Knowledge,   our service is more representative  of  the Spirit of God,   and we can say like Jesus,  "I and the Father are one".
4.  Distraction
The world is full of it.    You only have so much time, here.       And, it is hoped, by all evil,  that you will be rendered  "ineffective".   It will come in many forms,  emotion, spirit, material, and delusion.           You must learn  to recognize,   and  "overcome".
If God owns everything,   then, we come into this life   (this Garden of Eden)  to work  "with things"  that  belong to God.         If we do that without the anxiety of greed, and attachment,  that is good.
One day, we will leave here,     ...  after having served   in this  experience.
Doing one's duty, earning wealth, material enjoyment, and attaining salvation, are the four noble goals of human life.      One who uses duty, earning wealth, and enjoying sensual pleasure, in a balanced manner  without  any of the three being harmed by the other two, attains  salvation.          A person completely involved in acquiring,  and preserving,  material wealth and possessions,   has no time,  or desire,  for  Self-realization.        
One can attain all four noble goals by devotion to the Lord.       One should first seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness (as duty).       Then, one should earn money and make economic progress,   fulfill all noble material and Spiritual desires with the money earned,   and progress towards "salvation";   ...  the only noble goal of human birth.
It's the  off-balanced clinging  to any one of these,  that brings anxiety.
The "illuminated ones" who know the Absolute Truth and are in touch with the Supreme Being, and follow His leading,  are the sons  and daughters  of God.  (Romans ch.8)      All are born equal,   but can become superior,  or inferior,   by the attention  given  to these  principles  of  Spiritual life.
We must seek to purify our intellect.        What is resident there,  is what  we have fed it with.
Taking refuge in  detachment,   ...   and  relinquishing  egotism,  violence,  pride,  anger,  lust,  and  proprietorship,    ...  one becomes peaceful,  free  from the notion  of  "I, me, and my",  ...  and  fit for attaining  oneness   with the Supreme Spirit.
Learning to hear, and do,   and  fellowshipping  with other  Spiritually-minded  people,   is  of the utmost.        We have no time to lose.
This entire process of Spirituality gets started by the spark of grace that comes as faith,   ... and  we must be very sensitive to it  while it is present.       Many times religion,   and socializing,  have been nothing more than a subtle distraction   ...   away from the Spirit.     (Thessalonians 5:14-24)
                     "Only they know You  to whom You make Yourself known,  the moment
                       one knows You,    one  becomes  one with  You"
The knower of the Spirit ... becomes like Spirit.    The Kingdom of God  resides  in  you.   (Luke 17:21)
No man, or woman, can enter the Kingdom of God, unless one is born again  (by realizing that one is  not  this body,    but, Spirit  behind the body   - Gospel of John 3:3-8)
Whoever does not receive the Kingdom of God like a child, will never go there.    (Mark 10:15)        And to truly understand the Spirit of God,    ... is to become one with Him.    (Gospel of John 10:30, and ch.17:20-26)
Everything that we use, or eat, should first be offered to the Lord, the giver of all things, before we put it to our use.;      whether it be  food, a new dress, a new car, a new house, or a new baby.      Offering everything to the Lord is the highest form of worship that one has to learn and practice every day.
Have  His name  in your heart,  and on your lips,   and  His work in your hands.
The only  suitcase  one takes into the next world is labelled  "Works".   One cannot  take wealth, fame, or material,  from  here  ...  to  the hereafter.       (Gospel of John 3:19-21,  Revelation 20:11-15)
Seek refuge in the Supreme Lord alone  ... with loving devotion;   and by  His grace  you  will attain  supreme  peace  ...  and  the Eternal Abode.      (Acts 2:38-39) 
                    Fix your mind on Me, be devoted to Me, offer service to Me, bow down
                    to Me,  and  you  shall certainly  reach Me.      I promise you, because
                    you  are  My  creation.
                    Set aside all meritorious deeds and religious rituals, and just surrender
                    completely to My will with firm faith and loving devotion.            I shall  
                    liberate you from all sins,  and the bonds shall be  broken.         Do not
Both  knowledge,  and  action,     are  needed  for  balanced living.
(1)  Do your duty, to the best of your abilities,   for Me,   without any selfish motives,  and remember  Me  at all times    --   before starting a work,   at  the completion of  a task,  and  while  inactive.
(2)  Practice to look upon all creatures as  Myself,   in thought,  word,  and  deed,   ... and mentally  bow down  to them.
(3)  Awaken your dormant  spiritual destiny,  and  "perceive"  through the activities of mind,  senses,  breathing,  and emotions.     The power of God is within you at all times,  and constantly doing all the work,  ... using you  as  a mere  instrument.  (Gospel of John 14:10,12)
You must be God's gardener,  carefully tending the garden,  but never becoming  attached to what will blossom,  what will flower,  what will give fruit,  ...  or  what  will  wither  and die.       (Romans 14:8)
                    One who wants to know Me,   the Supreme Person of Godhead, 
                    should only  understand that I existed  before Creation,   I exist in the
                    creation,  as well   as  after complete  dissolution.
                    I exist within the creation,  and at the same time outside the creation.   
                    I am  the all-pervading Supreme Lord   who  exists  everywhere,   
                    in  everything,      and  at all times.
                                               ... more ...    


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by Bill Campbell

The Battle
of the "Overcomer"
- Revelation 3:18-22

from  Armor of the Prince of Peace (Vol.5) ...

  page 241

The 7 Powers of Despondency

The soul  that is free  of these  finds  salvation,    and  the Christ restoration.      They have been referred to  in  many of the early writings,  (Gospel of John chs.1,3,  Romans chs.6,7,8),  and are probably a necessity to look at in order for us to understand  "the call" of the Christ gospel.

These  powers  that  bring the soul  into bondage are:    darkness,  desire,  ignorance, excitement of death, kingdom of the flesh,  foolish wisdom of the flesh,  ... and  wrathful wisdom.

                     1.  "Darkness" - the opposite is the  "light"  (Gospel of  John chs.1,2)

                     2.  "Desire" - the opposite  is contentment, and peace,  "harmony
                                          of Spirit"     (Gospel of John 14:27,  and   Philippians 4:11) 
                     3.  "Ignorance" - the opposite  is  "the knowing".            Spiritual
                                                understanding.   (Ephesians 1:18,  1 Corinthians ch.2)
                     4.  "Excitement of death" -  the opposite is  "oneness of  Spirit"
                            (desire & fear of loss)        Excitement of Spirit "life".   (Gospel of John 5:24,  Romans ch.8)
                     5. "Kingdom of the Flesh" - the alternative is the Kingdom of God  - the  Great Spirit
                                                                 (Matthew 6:9-13,  and  Romans 8:12-14)

                     6. "Foolish wisdom of the flesh" - the alternative is the  wisdom of the Spirit
                                                                          (Gospel of John 14:16,17,  Romans ch.8, 1 Corinthians ch.2)
                      7. "Wrathful wisdom"   -  the alternative is wisdom of the Spirit. 
                       1. The slayer of men           The Spirit of love,  ... God's  salvation
                       2. The conqueror of             (Ephesians 2:1-8)
                           land and space

                         *consider these dead, and overcome, that you  might "live".

page 242

Most of us have learned to live out our lives out of some, or all of these ways of thinking,   depending upon who  we've learned with.    We tend to form a "decision making" habit.

For example, a business person may make  many of their decisions out of a  7-3-2 pattern.    They may not call  #2, desire;  they may call it  "aspiring to greatness".   But, these carnal bondages linger,  just the same;     and  it would do that person well  to learn to  "worship God",  instead of  self.

For us to learn to make our decisions out of the Word of the Spirit of God is a  radical change.    It's a  "born again" experience,  and means that we have to get to  know  Him.

Jesus spoke of this,  when he spoke of a person  ...  seeing  "light" in the midst of darkness.    The person is challenged  to show an interest  in the light,  and  get to know  what is coming out  from God's  light.    This would obviously  expel their ignorance,   and  they would gain  Spirit  understanding. 

Some people avoid the light,  and love the ignorance,  for that is the cloak  that covers  their ambitious  "desire".          What Jesus said,  when  explaining this,  was   ...
            "This is  the  condemnation.     Light  is come into the world,
  and men loved
              darkness  rather than light,  because  their  deeds  were evil.

              For every one  that does evil  hates the light,  neither comes    to the light, 
              lest his deeds should be reproved  (and he, or she,  might have to change)
              But,  he that does truth,  comes  to the light,  that his deeds  may be made
              manifest,   ...  that  they are  wrought in God."
                                                                                                    - Gospel of John 3:19-21
page 243

The first three powers are the ones that the person struggles with    prior to  truly turning  their  life  back to God.
When we get past the first three,  and enter into relationship with the Spirit of God,  we find  the next three  replaced  with  Spirit wisdom, understanding,  vision,  prophecy,  and  many of the conversion powers  that we experience,  as  we abide in  fellowship with Him  in the  "born again" life. 

As we pass # seven,  the intercessory ministry of Christ,    and  the salvation  ministry  of the Holy Spirit,  open to us through  His Spirit of grace, and love.    We  are called into  this ministry  of  "light"  in  this  world.    (2 Corinthians 5:17-21,  and  ch.6)

The  "Son of man"  is  within us.   The  "old nature"  must be considered  dead.   
Rise up,   Son of man,            and   ...  walk  in the "light"  of God.

*most everyone is working at overcoming one, or several,  of the above powers,  and that is good,  for we are learning to "rule" with  the power  of  God's Spirit  in us.

**below,  are issues that most  religious people have gotten themselves into.   In the time that we live in,  ...  this  will be exposed.

                                                              page 262

                                             We Need Deliverance From
                                            1.  The "tradition of the world"  (of man)
                                            2.  Self-preoccupation
                                            3.  Willful ignorance
                                            4.  Legalism
                                            5.  Sectarianism
                                            6.  Heavenly gain  (Lucifer's ambition)
                                            7.  Our identity  (separate from God)

* Our goal is to enter into the "Dance of the Creator".    Jesus said,   "I and the Father  ... are one"

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by Bill Campbell

- In a "Culture"

from "Abiding" (the Gospel of Light Series) ...

      page 164

No matter what religion, they will appear somewhat different to us, depending upon the  "culture"  ... that they exist in.

It is only as we look through the cultural differences,   that we can see the true faith of these individuals.

The seven churches in Revelation chs.2,3  are another close example of how God  "knows"  His people in the earth,  and how each one is in a different setting:   but,  He instructs them all  to  "hear what the Spirit is saying". 

Just as God has a special grace and purpose for different cultures and churches,    He also has a special grace, and purpose,   for different individuals, and families.

But in all cases, there is one common principle  for all,  and that is  to hear  the  "voice"  of the Spirit of God.

            "Seeing  that you have  purified your souls  in obeying the truth  ...  through 
              the Spirit    unto unpretended  love  of the brethren,  love one another with
              a pure heart fervently:    being born again,  not  of seed that passes away, 
              but  of  eternal,   by  the word of God,    which  lives,   and  abides forever."
                                                                                                            - 1 Peter 1:22,23

This is not speaking about the Bible, or other scriptural writings.   One can have the best "religious opinions" in the world,  and  not  be born again.   (see: Gospel of John 3:1-8)

So now, understanding that there are a variety of callings, in a variety of eras,  in a variety of cultures,  I want to introduce you to,  first of all,  your own soul.

If one can't find healing for their own soul,  how can they be

page 165

of service to the soul of another ?    It would be like  "the blind leading the blind".  (Gospel of Matthew 15:1-20)    Most converts are never introduced to their own soul;   but rather,  only  to their intellectual belief.

Water baptism,  that we've heard of so often, and find in so many religions,  is the outward expression  of this cleansing,  that we are saying  ...  that we are willing to go through.    It's the wholeness of our life,  ...  towards the service, and worship, of God.   (restoration of  the soul,  and regeneration of  Spiritual graces)

Now, I'm going to challenge you to  learn your ministry  in the mission-field of your soul:   and, as we triumph in these areas,  we will develop a power, and authority,  that can bring hope to others.

You will learn how to see in the Spirit,  work  with  the Spirit,  bring healing to wounds,  set the captive free, and   drive out  those afflicting spirits.

As you go through your  "ministry training",  you will come to recognize ministering angels, and learn obedience ... to the voice of God's Holy Spirit;  and your faith will grow.

I am going to give you an insight into the 7 levels of growth,  that will take you down the road ... of your Spiritual salvation.

Spend time with the LORD.   Give attention  ... to Him.   He will meet you in all of these areas,  as you flourish in Him.    This could take a lifetime;  but, as you walk this road,  you will be of use to Him,  and  ... you will bear fruit.

After all,  it is appointed unto  "you"   ...  to enjoy His salvation,  and to grow into His  purposes.        Let's look  ...

page 166

                                  7 Stages of Spiritual Growth

1.  Sincerity

If one is to minister to his/her own soul,    they  must first find it,  and get to know it.       As you  "spend time", a revelation will come,  and  you will find that you are not alone.

O, yes,  ... you will be tempted by  "self-preservation",  which wears the gentle robes of hypocrisy;  but, the Spirit of truth will show you a way out.      You will now  ...  learn to walk  with Him.

2.  Justice

This justice comes from the voice of the Spirit.    You must get to know Him well,  and not let  "reason",  anger, desire,  or presumption,  betray you.

3.  Faith

Faith,  ... not of books, nor intellect;  but, of  "Spirit obedience".    Forgiveness must keep the channel open.

Do not, in unbelief,  trade what you know  ... for easy comfort,  popularity, or arrogance. Faith is your friend,  that will not hide any wrong doing,  but, will lead you to be an overcomer.   It is the discipline of frenzy:   the slowing down to see  the "deeper realms" of the soul.  (the Holy Spirit does heal them)    The slower, and deeper, we go,  the more  "causation" we see.

What if we don't get all the sin, and grief ?    That's the point:   it's not us  that gets it.    This is  Spiritual work;  the purifying of the soul.     (1 Peter 1;22,  Psalms 116,  Psalms 106,  Gospel of John 3:5-8,19-21,  1 Corinthians ch.2,  Hebrews 19:14,  ch.10:16-25,  Romans ch.8,  and  Titus ch.3)

Jesus,  the early apostles,  and  many other  Spiritual  people,

page 167

have shown to us through their example   ... how this works.

4.  Goodness

To yourself;  and,  to the "other person",  ... who is not yourself.

Goodness, is what flows to warm the stranger.  It's the energy of love that courageously  shows the character of God.

Do not let the tempter  ... tempt you.   For the eyes of faith will show you  the truth of justice,  and  you will overcome "self exaltation".    It is  Spirit expression.   Trust Him for His wisdom.

5.  Harmony

Heroism, is that pause ... that,  just for a moment,  wants that  "independent" praise.  

Obedience to the Spirit of God, and walking in His light,  will defeat that unjust foe.     Go on  in the light of  "His"  remembrances.   
(and, lose the "fear" of independently having  to achieve)

6.  Divine Love

Love,  is comfort that we seek for  security, help, self-worth, thrill, and  heroism.    It is the energy  that we think  feeds our independent self.  But, the "yearning for"  this power will destroy;   for  we are not  to feed  our independent  self,   but, lose it   ...  in the courage of the Spirit.

God's "divine love"  is  security,  help,  supreme,  and thrilling,  full of vision, life, and faith.     And out of this love flows the life for others to bathe in;  that,  they too,  may learn to be "at one".

7.  Christ

Purgatory, sorrow,  and grief,  are the selfish loves  ... that are

page 168

yearning. They don't see  the "great vision"  of the Supreme:   they see only darkness, and defeat,  and  wasted life.  The deceitful illusions of this world are more comprehendible than the  ever present Spirit of truth.

To walk through  this  lonely valley of death,  and  to enter the light  of  "Life",  ... is to be smeared with the anointing of the realization  ...  of  "the Christ",   the Word,  and Oneness of the Supreme:    this  same Spirit  that we have been talking about from  "the beginning".   (not Jesus,  but the "Spirit of Christ",  Spirit of God's deliverance   - Gospel of John 14:16,17,  Romans 8:11,14,17,   Acts 1:4-8, ch.2:38-40)

            "It is good to be zealously affected always in a good thing, and not  only  ... 
             when  I am  present with you.
             My little children,  I am travailing  (interceding) in birth again,  until Christ 
             be formed  in you.     (Galatians 4:18,19)

             Stand fast therefore,  in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free, 
             and  be  not  entangled again  with the yoke of bondage. 
             If we live in the Spirit,  let us  ...  walk in the Spirit."      (Galatians 5:1,25)      

We are all on  this journey,  and each of us  will find ourselves at one, or several,  of these levels.     It's not  for us  to look at each other,  and judge:  but rather,  to  "hear what the Spirit is saying",  and possibly, in faith,  be of use to minister to another.

We are all growing in different ways,  ...  and at different times:   and as you live out  of the Spirit of Truth,  the darkness around you,  (and even around "those" around you),  will be expelled,  and light will shine.   (Gospel of Matthew 5:1-20)


"He shall see the travail of his soul,  and  shall be satisfied:   by his 
 knowledge  shall My righteous servant justify many;  for  he shall bear 
(by intercession)  their    iniquities."  - Isaiah 53:11

We are one.     Everything that you read about Jesus, in relationship to the Father,   is about us.   (in the Christ anointing)
(see: Ephesians 1:17-23, and ch.2,  Romans 8:9-17)

"The people that walked in darkness  have seen a great light:     they
that dwell in the land of the shadow of death,  upon them has the light

For unto us a child is born,  unto us a son is given:   and the
government shall be upon his shoulder:  and  his name  shall be
called  Wonderful,  Counsellor,  The Mighty God,  The Everlasting
Father,  The Prince of Peace.

The zeal of the LORD of Hosts will perform this.  The LORD has
sent  a Word  into  Jacob,  and  it has lighted upon Israel."  - Isaiah 9:2-8 
We are heirs of God,  and  "joint-heirs" with Christ,   because of  the Spirit of God.   (See: Gospel of John 14:6,10-13) 

 "He that  hears my Word,  and beleives on Him that sent me, Has
everlasting life,  and  shall not come into condemnation;     but, is
passed  from death  unto life."  - Gospel of John 5:24


Who  did  Jesus  pray to ?    (the Father)

Who  did  Jesus  teach his disciples  to pray to ?   (the  same Father)

Is  God  the Father   ...  of all Creation ?    (yes)

Why are so many  full of sectarianism,  and not listening for the Voice
 of the Spirit of God ?      (the same problem existed in the time of Jesus)

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by Bill Campbell

God's Word
     ... Spirit or Written

page 36

Because we have been raised in  ...  an  "informational"  type of religion,   rather than  the experience of revelation,  it is a challenge for us to  "express"  obedience  ...  to the  Spirit of God,   ... in a way  that is  ...  not  just  "opinion". 

When God speaks to us,  it is  not  just to inform our mind,  and draw our applause;  ...  but rather,  so that we can fulfill  ... the  "hope of His calling".    This is done  through active faith;    and,  ... obedience  is  important.

The way  we  look at  "scriptural writings"   ...  will change.
We are  reconciled  to God,   ...  not  to  a book of scriptures.
We are  reconciled  to God,   ...  not  to Jesus.

Who was Jesus ?   He was the  "expression of God's grace and truth".   (Gospel of John ch.1) 
This  "eternal expression"  of  the  revelation  of God,  in Christ,    ... is  ...  what we  "live" in,  and  "abide in".
We  live  in this  "light";   ...  this  revelation  of the Holy Spirit of God.

All of our ideas  of  "human achievement",   or  "failure",  stop  ...  at the  "desolate sacrifice".  (and God's Word)

The laws of Karma,  that say,  "we reap what we sow";    no longer are in effect  in  the judgment of God's Kingdom.

In our service,  we become  "dumb" before God's eternal purpose,  that  the hope of His callings  might be revealed;    as we answer  ...  only  to  the  "voice"  of the Holy Spirit.

page 39

            We all need to be Obedient

Obedience  is  ...  the zen.    Hearing  the  "voice"  of this  Spiritual  "realization"  ...  is  reconciliation to God.     For out of this  "Word"  are all things  created,   ... and  ruled.

Hear   ...  the "rebuke".         See  ...  the "obey"  for what it is.

Whenever, in scripture,  it is recorded that Jesus  "rebuked" anyone, or anything,  it comes to our language from the Greek word  "epitimao".   In our language,  it is common for us to think that  "rebuke" means  ...  to  "scold",  ...  or to be  "angry with".   But , not so,  in  this application.

Epi     - superimpose  "upon", even "with direction"
timao'  - to fix a valuation upon, to revere, to honor

When Jesus "rebuked",  he wasn't  "scolding",  but rather speaking  "epitimao",    ...   the  revered  Word  of  "intent",  and "direction",  upon.     (he was speaking  "intent" of the Spirit)

The  words  that he was speaking  were not his own;   but the  "Word"   ...  of  the  "Spiritual utterance".   (Gospel of John 14:10)

It's nice to hear a word  from the LORD,   but,  we need to see it as  "epitamao",  ...  the  "rebuking"  Word  of  valued intent.  (it's the  "word" of creation)      This is not  a  "word"  to be judged ... in our  "carnal"  mind,  with our logic, and senses;   but rather, one to be  acted upon   ...  in faith,    ... and   "obedience".

page 43

We are told from the apostle,   that  "all scripture  is given by the  "inspiration"  of God";    ...  but,  for some time now,  we have been instructed by carnal teachers,  to hold to the falsehood,   ...  that  "inspiration of God  is  given by scripture".

You can't have it both ways.   Either,  you have intellectual religion,   ... decided upon  with  "carnal judgment",  and operating out of our reasoning, and senses;   or, you have the  "light" of the Holy Spirit  bearing witness  to that  "Word"  being revealed   ...  in our hearts,  and minds.

It's  Spiritual;    ...    or,  it  is  carnal.

After all,  it is the scriptures  of  ...  the prophets,   ...  and the apostles,   ...  that  bear witness  to this  "relationship"   that we  have in Christ,   ...  with the Holy Ghost,  and  with one another.

* See:   the story of Job's counselors   - Job 42:7,8
the story of the two prophets   - 1 Kings  ch.13

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