Bill Campbell

                    the Age     Now Changing !

Why,   in the Christmas story,    ...   is the mention of  the Magi being led by  a "star"  to Bethlehem,   to find  the  "new born" Christ ?   
(St. Matthew ch.2)

Why did Jesus say  that  at  "the end"  of the age,  there would be signs in the heavens ?
At the time when Jesus was born, there was a shift from one Age to another.  A new Age called Pisces was ushered in, and heralded by the heavenly hosts  ... announcing  the  "birth of the Christ",   the  Saviour.

                                        "Peace on earth,  good will toward men"

Jesus, the Savior,  said, 

                              "He that  hears my Word,  and  believes on Him that sent me,
                               has  everlasting life,   and  shall not come into condemnation; 
                               but  is passed from death unto life."
                                                                                                             - St. John 5:24


Pisces (the age now passing),   is a water sign.    (the symbol is the  fish)

In the establishment of the Christian dispensation,   John the Baptist, and Jesus, both practiced the rite of water baptism,  which has been used in some form in the Christian Church  ... until this day.          Water is a symbol of purification,   and preparation,  for service to the Spirit of God.

In the last 2000 years  (the Piscean Age),   it has certainly been one of water,  and  the many uses of that element.    Ocean navigation has brought about the discovery of foreign lands,  and  worldwide trade developed.   Wars have been fought on the oceans, and water has been the main element of development.

Things changed !     Through much struggle, even religious views changed.   The new prophets weren't like the old.  (they didn't fit in)  

Prior to this "time change",  people offered animal sacrifice to God.     (age of Aries, the Ram,  Abraham & Moses time)            Since that time,   people worship  God  in Spirit,  and  in Truth.    (St. John 4:19-24 - all religions)  

It worked out .. so that the Jews  could move on from their  animal sacrifices,  the Romans destroyed their temple in 70 A.D.       They haven't sacrificed since, for over 2,000 years.          God controls the Ages.

What we have watched throughout the Age of Pisces, will now move on into the Age of Aquarius.   (the symbol is the "water bearer", man with the pitcher, or Vial.  see:  Revelation chs. 16,17 and 21)

Aquarius is an air sign, and  the new age is already noted for remarkable inventions for the use of air, electricity, magnetism, etc.    Men navigate the air as fish do the sea, and send their thoughts spinning around the world with lightning speed.  (this is only  a "recent" phenomenon,  not in the previous 1900 years)

What has been  introduced  in the last 2000 years,  will move into "something new"     ...  in  this  upcoming Age.

We are moving into an Age where we will experience  ... more Spirituality.

Most of what we knew in the last Age was "creed".    Now, we will learn to "hear",   ...  Spiritually.    Spiriitual truth always develops, and grows.    Joel's prophecy  (Joel ch.2)  was quoted by Peter  (Acts 2:16-21),   ... but,
that  was  only the beginning.

What we will see in the next Age will  fulfill  even  that  ... to a greater extent.

We are in  "transition"  now.      (Revelation chs. 1,2,3)  Some predict the end  of the "former"  to  be  2012.   (winter solstice)

The masses are acustommed to walking in darkness.    For most,  their religion has only been  "creed",   ... and  for many,  the earthly ambitions that they have been taught,  was "greed".

As things change, there will be much stuggle,  ...  and  "birth pains".     The  "old"  will  pass.       The  "new"  will come.  (now)

The Spirit of God will raise up messengers of this "new era", that will  "fulfill",  and  further develop,  the truths of the past age.

Are we now directed by the stars ?         No.        We are directed by the  Spirit  of God.

What we have failed to realize,  is  that  He has written His Word into  everything,   and  it is  truly  amazing.       



Age of Pisces (symbol - fish)

Age of Aquarius (symbol - Water Bearer with Vial)


Bill Campbell


"O Wounded soul, going through an age of despair, ... with an appetite for fear. (see: Jude 4 - 16)

We are on the rapturous edge of Divine plans. The activities of the serpent will be weakened.

Potentates will be ushered in to meet us, and bring conjuncture. There will be "agreements" all over the planet, and peace will be achieved.

The purest form of idolatry is the messiness of anticipation. Some will be frozen in time. Some will be healed. Some will be glorying in the truths of their neighbor. Some will be practicing fondness of each other.

But, a New Age is born of peacefulness ... such as the world has never known.

Abruptly; then, will be the call of decision. Momentarily. We won't even know ...  how to handle it.

The "saving light" will expose our needs. The grace of forgiveness and healing.

Salvation. Repudiation.

Stand still, and break the power of the old.

The New Day ... is Dawning.

It will come through "realization", just as the light causes the day to spring forth.

Divine plans !   They are an energy that flows deep, ... and heals.

This new peace will hurt the justice of the old. It will be a blood-bath of excitement.

But, the New Day will bring forth its own glories, as the Age of darkness, and despair, will pass.

Strength will be found in beauty now, not machines. The age of art will deplete, for beauty is found in the air. The things "that are". The awakening. The dawning  ... of a new age.

Hieroglyphics. The paintings from above.  We will see them in our souls.

The rashness of the rules will diminish; and man shall live in joyous occasions.

Peace shall surround every one; and his neighbor shall like him. The practicalness of purity will disdain the fellows of the age of darkness: and darkness will not prevail.

Agreements shall come from heaven, and be written in the earth. The light of righteousness will arise. (see: Isaiah ch. 61, Jude 17-25)

Quickness. Readiness. Be alert, as the dayspring arises. (1 Thessalonians ch. 5)

I will give you truth. Truth is an energy. Lie not. Let truth create the brilliance of light.

Grace is the immaculate "perception". Grace and Truth will war against despair. (see: St. John 1:1-18)

On the plains of Sodom, there was a leaflet; a "way out". But, they left it unto others; and they were judged in their despair. This is a hieroglyph; a picture from heaven.

There is destination, and purpose, in these hieroglyphs. It is a Royal Assurgence. The understanding of these pictures ... will battle the darkness.

Hieroglyphs.  See them in the sky. See them in the heavens. The Royal Assurgency.

Mind not the things of today; for tomorrow the light shall come suddenly  ... as when the noonday arises.     So shall it be with the hearts of man.

And their little children shall not despair, and their wives shall not "taint", but give forth; and jealousies of rage shall no more flaw. The baking shall be sweet; and the hieroglyphs of the soul shall be proud, and will sustain the decisions of the heart.

Not of a readiness to be at peace ???

It will come, surely, says the LORD.         Look for the hieroglyphs.

Stir not the pot that is seething. The stink of the rot will overcome "ones nerves". They will fall away, one by one, and a cluster at a time.

See forward ... into the Peace. The soul that eats it shall live; and righteousness shall rise as the noonday Sun.

Gladness, and joy, shall reign throughout the streets, and the light of love shall shine on the mixture.

The glory of the Father surrounds us. (see: Revelation ch.21)

The Glory of the Father. The praise of the nations. He will guide you.

He will direct you. He will give you Peace. He will be the solace of the nations.

"Ho, everyone, Come to the waters, all you that thirst;  take My yoke upon you, ... and be at rest".

See the Peace of Antiquity. The "rests" of the nations. The Good Shepherd, and the green pastures.     The Love.    The Pleasantries.